Why Project Zomboid Is So Awesome (2023)


Project Zomboid is the best survival game I have EVER played..
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Project Zomboid is a super-realistic isometric zombie survival game made by a small team with a ton of passion and thought put into every aspect of the game. It is one of my favorite survival games of all time and it has the potential to be one of the best ever made!

The screenshot in the thumbnail was actually made by a PZ community member! Go and check it out because he spent hours assembling the scene: steamcommunity.com/app/108600/screenshots/

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- [RoboKast] There are an absurd number of zombie games on the market.

It seems like every few years, there's just a handful of games that come out with a lot of potential, and most of them kind of flop.

A good example is "Back 4 Blood." It was supposed to be a really good game made by some of the team that made "Left 4 Dead," and for some reason, the game was just average.


What? If I told you that there was another zombie game that was nowhere near average, one that looked like it came out in 1995, played the same music over and over again for hours on end, and infuriated you so badly that you wanted to quit, games altogether and become a monk, one, where you spend two hours, organizing your virtual house just to inevitably die because you tripped on literal air into a pile of zombies? Sounds like a terrible game, doesn't it? But here's the thing: It's the most addictive survival game, I've ever played.


While it looks stupid on the surface, it will easily entertain you for hundreds or even thousands of hours.

In short, "Project Zomboid" is absolutely awesome, and some of the reasons why will blow your mind.

You'd be surprised how much this little ugly-looking game is hiding under the surface.

But first.

Let me give you the rundown of what this game is: about., (clears, throat) You survive the zombie apocalypse.

No, actually.

You don't survive it, ever, because you drive like an obese American woman in an electric scooter and you're suffering from an endless wave of boredom, because nothing kills more than not doing a goddamn crossword puzzle every five minutes when you're trying to survive in hell.

Speaking of hell.

The game takes place in rural Kentucky., - Howdy, folks.

This is me, Colonel Sanders.

- [RoboKast] While in the beautiful state of Kentucky.

You play as one of the people left behind, struggling to survive.

The zombie apocalypse.

You aren't some hero, warlord Rick, Grimes, character.


You are Joe Shmoe, and your skills are lacking in pretty much every department.

No, literally, your character is straight-up.


You can't do anything on your own.

And also.

Your journey is gonna, be a hard one.

You will die.

A lot.

You will never have a run where you don't die., I mean, the game even tells you this in the beginning.

But yet, you'll keep trying, and you will keep dying.

Every single time.


The game never gets old.

I, don't think.

I can even attempt to put into perspective how many stupid ways you'll die in this game.

For example, one time, after surviving for a very long time and fortifying an entire base, loading it with food, getting my own car, and having great skills and weapons, and even a companion, I was feeling comfortable.

We'd killed dozens of zombies in our front yard, and, well, the homeowner's association was gonna fine, us., So, I, figured, hey.

Why not burn the zombies? My friend, Nolan and I spent almost an hour piling up every single dead zombie in the region and starting a fire to burn them, but for some reason, they wouldn't burn.

So, as I inched closer to investigate what the problem was, I caught on fire.

It's okay, it's okay., Easy, solution.

In, my house, I have running water.

I could just go put the fire out.

Let me just run inside and turn on the shower, because why not? This is gonna, be so easy.

So I enter the house, turn on the shower, and unfortunately, I was a little bit too slow and I died, and I lost all my skills, and it was really annoying.

But again.

Even with this.

It's not a big deal.

Yeah, it does suck, but I could just create a new character and find my friend and return to our base, because the world that you live in continues even when you die.

So whenever you die, your old character, will become a zombie.

You can just kill 'em, grab your stuff, and continue on your journey.

So in theory.

This sounded good, but no.

The game said: fuck you.

While I made the journey back to our fully geared house that we spent hours fortifying, my flaming corpse caught the entire fucking house on fire, burning everything and all of our progress in the process.

And best of all, the goddamn pile of zombies survived the entire thing.

Welcome to "Project Zomboid,", a game that we're gonna break down and analyze to determine why exactly it's so awesome.

If you've played this game and have had experiences like the one I just told you.

Please tell me your best stories in the comments, where people can really get a feel for the misery that they're missing out on.

So in "Project Zomboid,".

You explore the absolutely enormous map and go where you want to go based on your ideal.


Do, you like taking it easy and staying relatively safe? Live in the woods and make occasional supply, runs into the cities.

Want more of a challenge? Live in Louisville, and you will regret it, my friend.

The good thing is: you aren't just Joe Shmoe, like I, said earlier, but you're.

Actually, your own handcrafted version of Joe Shmoe.

When you play this game.

When, creating your character, you can pick one of 21 occupations.

These are basically skill, buffs in specific categories, based on what your hypothetical character did before the apocalypse.


These jobs include things like a firefighter, which buffs your strength and axe, skills, a carpenter that helps you excel with base building, and a burglar that allows you to more easily sneak past zombies.

This creates the foundation for your character and allows you to build upon it further with traits.

Traits are either positive or negative, and you have to balance the cost of them to equal out to zero.

Your character can't be too OP.

So you have to choose your negative traits wisely, based on your survival plan and your goal.


You can be an overweight, muscle-bound, deaf, illiterate, chain-smoking lumberjack, if you wanna roleplay, as a resident of Kentucky.

I, almost always go with a lumberjack, because I love using axes and pickaxes for combat.

Not, gonna lie, sometimes they're, pretty OP, and in my last few characters, I picked traits that made me able to see better at night and to learn new skills.


But on the other, hand, I was also underweight and drove extremely slow.

This balance worked perfectly with my playstyle and allowed me to make the game feel like my own, before I, inevitably, died., This combination and possibility for different playstyles is the first thing that makes "Project Zomboid" stand out among a sea of stupid survival.


Sure, games like "The Forest", are a lot of fun and they're really solid games, but after you've played it a few times.

You don't really care to play it again, because it's the exact same experience: every single time.

Because of the skills and the traits in "Project Zomboid" and some other things that I'm gonna talk about in a second.

It is truly infinitely replayable.

Infinitely replayable games are great because they hold your interest for a lot longer than other games and they're easy to keep coming back.



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The game has over 100 weapons, tanks, aircraft, and unique soldier classes, from engineers to riflemen.

This variation in gameplay is my favorite thing about the game, and the number of weapons and vehicles makes it, like I said, infinitely replayable.

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Once you finish, making your character, you spawn into the world and it's time to start surviving.

But like I said.

This isn't some surface-level survival game and you're gonna have to work hard to ensure that you survive your impending doom.

Your biggest threat is obviously the zombies.

While they're weak and easy to handle in small numbers, like children.

These things are everywhere, and if you aren't careful, they can easily overwhelm you and cause your inevitable death.

I mean.

You can literally just push them on the ground and stomp on them when there's only one or two.

But when there's a big group, they're gonna be a lot more difficult and you gotta be a lot more strategic.


You do get bitten by a zombie, you're dead.

100% of the time.

You will die.

It'll take time and you'll slowly turn, but you will die, and there's nothing.

You can do about it.

This makes it where you have to be extremely strategic with every interaction, and if you get overly comfortable, well, see you in hell.

There's been times where I was playing with friends and I was stupid, geared with the best vehicle in the game and guns and armor, and all sorts of stuff, but I died because I got too confident and got overwhelmed by a large number of zombies.

When I literally had a fucking minigun in my hand.

I had a minigun and I still died, because I got overly confident.

You have to stay on your toes at all times, and you have to make sure you have the skills that you need to survive.


These skills are really important with your playstyle, because sometimes, your character can be struggling., He could be scared, anxious, overwhelmed, bored, and all sorts of other effects that drastically affect your gameplay.

So for example.

If you make a character, who's afraid of the outdoors, he's gonna get overwhelmed even easier when he's fighting zombies.


If you make a character, that's afraid of the indoors, while you're trying to set up your base and survive, he's gonna go crazy and wanna get outside.


These are all things to think about, while you're building your character.

You start out with some some base-level skills that change depending on what occupation you picked, but you need to evolve these skills and work to expand your consciousness as a player.

If you wanna make it in this unforgiving, world.

You have to read books and complete actions to increase your skill levels, and it's absolutely necessary to make it later in the game.

For example, you first spawn in, and the world isn't too harsh.

There's a lot of loot in buildings, and I mean.

The city even has power and water.

How hard.

Could it be? But after two weeks, the power and the water turns off, and you need to make sure you have a high enough carpentry skill to make rain catchers and an electric skill that can help you power.

Your fridge with a generator.

Mechanics are important because every single goddamn part in your car could break and be replaced, and farming is required if you wanna, have a sustainable food source later in the game., You can read books to get XP boosts that make learning these skills a bit faster, and you can do actions like disassembling furniture or hotwiring cars.

To get the experience to increase your skill, level.

So, you need the skills to survive, but that is not all.

This game is actually surprisingly complex, and it takes a lot of thinking about what you're doing in order to make it in this goddamn world.

This, simple-looking, isometric survival game is the most detailed game.

I've ever played, and no, I'm, not exaggerating.

You can break windows, but if you don't pull the glass out of the frame, you can cut yourself and start bleeding or rip your clothes.

Your character gets bored and can cause him to be unhappy if he doesn't do anything for entertainment., You need keys to drive cars, and you somehow have to actually find those keys in the world.

Crops can get diseased and the disease can spread between crops.

If you don't take care of it, which you can actually do by using cigarettes to make insecticide.

You can make a near-unlimited number of food dishes based on the ingredients that you choose to put into the pot.

You can control the AC in your car to cool yourself off if you're too hot.

If you're in the front seat of a cop car and you wanna get in the back, you actually have to get out of the car, because the game accounted for the divider thing.

That's in the back of cop cars.

You can take your shoes off to walk more quietly around buildings without detecting zombies.


You shoot out of the window of your car with a two-handed weapon.

It won't allow you to steer while you're doing it, but if you shoot with a pistol or something that takes one hand, you can still steer.


These things are just the surface.

There are hundreds of little design choices in "Project, Zomboid" that build upon the core gameplay loop to make it to where you really have to focus on every single action to stay, alive, and I.

Think that's why this game is so goddamn immersive and why it hooked my friends and I for hours on end.

I, don't even know the best way to communicate how detailed this game is.


If your clothes are wet, you can set them out outside to dry faster by just setting them on the ground.

I really appreciate when games do stuff like this, because the game just works, how you would expect it to in real life.

Sometimes, games limit you, but this game does not limit you at all, and anything that you think should work most likely does.

And! That's why it hooked my friends and I for hours and hours on end., A lot of survival games become mindless over time.

Back to the example of "The Forest,".

You eventually build a big-ass megabase, and you no longer have to worry about the cannibals fucking you up.


While the game is fun, the strategy is just to get bigger and stronger and make everything.


It becomes simple, and you don't have to think about what you need to do in order to survive, because all the risk is gone.

You're completely geared.

But in "Zomboid," there is never a dull, thoughtless, moment., As you're working on fortifying your base, you're gonna run out of food.


You go out on a food run, you're gonna need to find some medicine to heal your newly acquired problems.

Once, you heal yourself.

You realize that the power's going out in a few days- and you need to get rain catchers in order to have water.

But to do that, you're gonna need to learn carpentry, which requires you to go out on a run to disassemble all of the goddamn furniture in Kentucky, which requires more food, and then you get back and your base has been destroyed, and the cycle never ends, and Jesus Christ, someone please gimme a Xanax.

This is stressful.

The level between challenge and anxiety in this game sits perfectly in the middle, which, as I talked about in my last video.

On why AAA games are boring.

Now, is the perfect place for something to be an enjoyable activity.

And with everything.

After all of that challenge, you're still gonna die.

It's inevitable.

When, you die, sure, you lose hours of skill-building and effort, and probably some of your items, but like I, said earlier, you can actually respond as a new character and find your old one as a zombie to get your stuff back and take residence in your old base.

Since you're playing as a generic survivor.

Your next character is another generic survivor in the ever-changing desperate world.

That's been shaped by all of the previous survivors.


Of these things help to make "Project Zomboid" the perfect survival game.


There are some other things that are the icing on the cake, and these things start with the most important part of all of this:, the passion that the developers have for their product.

This game is nine years old, and the small team has continued to update it, regularly, not with stupid shit, but actually with innovative game-changing mechanics that improve the game, even further.

They're, even currently working on their biggest update.

Yet that adds NPCs into the world, which is honestly insane.

The game is already near perfect, and with the continuous updates and support by the developers, "Project Zomboid" is going to become an indie survival game icon, and the whole community is supporting this game and helping to make that dream.


"Project Zomboid" has some of the best modding support out of any game, I've ever seen, and with thousands of Workshop mods on the market.

You can tailor the experience to be whatever you want it to be.


What we have here is an infinitely replayable game with an infinite number of mods and support from the developers.

It's a game.

That's constantly changing and immerses you, unlike any other survival game on the market.

And best of all.

You can do it all with friends in multiplayer.

If you don't wanna face the unforgiving world on your own.

And that, my friend, is why "Project Zomboid" is so awesome.


Are your experiences with "Project Zomboid"? Share, your cool stories in the comments to show other people? How awesome this game can be, and make sure to drop a like, subscribe, and share this with a friend if you think they would enjoy this game.

Also, just wanted to remind you to play "Enlisted" using my link in the description, and thanks again to them for sponsoring this video.

I will see you guys next time, and peace.

(upbeat music).


Why is Project Zomboid popular now? ›

The game has become popular for its take on realistic gameplay, making for a steep learning curve. The tutorial even tricks players into luring zombies to their location by making a loud noise, showcasing the often brutal nature of survival games.

Do zombies get harder in Project Zomboid? ›

Depends on your game settings, for example we always start out a little bit easier but end up with the game being harder because we lower initial zombie population while increasing the respawn multiplier and to make this not feel like 100 zombies spawn out of nowhere we set the peak day higher too.

Does Project Zomboid have an ending? ›

In Project Zomboid, there is no actual ending to the game.

Once you've achieved common milestones like constructing a house, setting up a farm, and leveling up your skills, you might feel bored. However, installing mods or adjusting the game settings can inject new life and excitement into your gameplay experience.

What is the longest run in Project Zomboid? ›

Well, while some people have claimed to live past the first year (allegedly), the longest verifiable time that we have recorded is someone lasting 11 months in Project Zomboid. Considering that surviving as long as a single month is considered a badge of honor in this game, lasting 11 months is almost unthinkable!

Why is Project Zomboid queasy? ›

The most common cause of Queasy in Project Zomboid is through eating bad or raw food. However, it's also possible to become sick after spending too long around rotting corpses. The more corpses there are, the more chance a survivor has of becoming ill.

What is the most populated town in Project Zomboid? ›

Project Zomboid maps: West Point

This location is also the closest starter location to Louisville, which is the most populated area in the game, and has some of the best loot if you can survive the city.

What is the hardest zone in Project Zomboid? ›

West Point is the hardest starting map in the game, and it offers more precious loot and high-tier equipment to find.

Can zombies destroy gates Project Zomboid? ›

They are unbreakable, though zombies can see you through them and are liable to try and go around. Gates and doors can be broken, but high fences not placed by the player cannot.

Can you live after being bitten Project Zomboid? ›

Answer: There is no way to cure yourself once bitten in Project Zomboid, and if you are bitten, you will definitely contract the Knox virus, resulting in your character's inevitable death in the hours following.

Do houses fall apart in Project Zomboid? ›

Cracks begin to appear on the walls, streets, and sidewalks, getting bigger over time. This does not currently reduce the structural integrity of a building or surface. Tall grass will eventually grow on every outdoor dirt, grass, or sand tile. This can be removed by hand, or with a shovel.

Do zombies infinitely Respawn in Project Zomboid? ›

By default, zombies do respawn in Project Zomboid, but you are able to change this with the plethora of customisation options available, letting you tailor the game to your own liking. If you don't change the settings, 1% of the total zombie population in a cell (cell being an area) will respawn every 72 hours.

How long is 1 hour in zomboid? ›

By default, a day in Project Zomboid lasts 24 in-game hours, which equals 1 hour in real life.

How old is zomboid? ›

The game was first released on April 2011, as a tech demo. It is written in Java for its portability, using LWJGL.

What is the max tiredness in Project Zomboid? ›

The player cannot sleep for fewer than 3 hours and will wake up after a maximum of 16 hours, even if they aren't fully rested.

Is Project Zomboid popular? ›

Project Zomboid has always had some degree of popularity among streamers, with its multiplayer survival mechanics being an especially good fit for roleplaying fun. "Players love to get together on RP servers and act as characters in the zombie apocalypse, live out their own Walking Dead," says Simpson.

Is Project Zomboid addictive? ›

This game is addictive. Even dying on day-1 for the sixth time in a row is impeccably entertaining. Wait until you consistently make it to day 2. That's where the real addiction kicks in.

How many people are working on Project Zomboid? ›

how many people works on this game ? Somewhere between one and two dozen working on the project simultaneously iirc, based out of Canada and the UK. Team size almost doubled last year.

What is the max population day in Project Zomboid? ›

Population Peak Day: The day on which the population reaches its peak. The default setting is 28, meaning the zombie population will be at its highest after 28 days. You can set the day between day 1 and day 365. Respawn Hours: Determine the number of hours that need to pass before zombies can respawn in a seen chunk.

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