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This is the BEST START that I always follow in Project Zomboid. I always manage to get great gear very early. And I become unstoppable in the first day.

Comment down below any more methods to get a good start in Project Zomboid that you know of, and I will add them to the next video.
I am happy to hear any feedback in the comments!
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Watch me Follow this exact guide step by step:

Project Zomboid is the ultimate zombie survival. Alone or in MP: you loot, build, craft, fight, farm and fish in a struggle to survive. A hardcore RPG skillset, a vast map, a massively customizable sandbox, and a cute tutorial raccoon await the unwary. So how will you die? All it takes is a bite..

Project Zomboid is an open-ended zombie-infested sandbox. It asks one simple question – how will you die?

In the towns of Muldraugh and West Point, survivors must loot houses, build defenses, and do their utmost to delay their inevitable death day by day. No help is coming – their continued survival relies on their own cunning, luck, and ability to evade a relentless horde.

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Welcome back my fellow children of the Lord.

Today I will teach you the best step by step guide, to get a good start in Project.


This is the method I always use, and I always get great gear.

Very early.

I will show you my gameplay and walk you through what I am doing.


This video, I will teach you which city is the best place to spawn in, where to go.

First, and also, I will teach you.

The sickest dance moves, I know.

Stick to the end for a wonderful surprise! But before we begin, I, want to ask you the Question of the Day.


Do you think, is the best weapon in Project, Zomboid?, Personally, I, love, axes., I love each and every type of axe in the game.

I literally stroke, my axe, every night.


Please tell me what your favorite weapon is and why.

I will choose a random subscriber in the comments that answers this question well, and I will give them 6 billion v-bucks.


Moving on to the video.

For, the traits, I highly recommend you take anything that improves your axe.


For example, the lumberjack profession, gives you the axe.

Man trait, which makes you swing axes faster., The, Brawler trait, also increases your axe skill, which makes you more dangerous with an axe.

Take these traits and profession, because this method heavily relies on using axes.

After you’ve picked your traits.

The first thing you want to do is Spawn in Rosewood.

This is because Rosewood has every essential building in the game.

It has a bookstore., a school., a medical building.

and an auto mechanic.


It also has a police station, which is right beside the fire station.

And, the fire station, which is the most essential part of this method, isn’t in most towns.

That, is the main reason why we’re spawning in Rosewood.

After Spawning in Rosewood.

You will need to locate the Fire Station.

The Fire Station is somewhere in the Top left of the town.

Just head in that direction, and you should come across a large red building, surrounded by tall fences.

After that, go inside the garage area of the building and go into this room.

This room is filled with useful tools and weapons.

These containers almost always contain an axe.

Every time.

I loot, this room, there is always an axe in one of these containers.

That is the most important item we need to get from this building.

I usually grab 2-3 axes at the start and store them in my car for future use.

After acquiring an axe.

You now become an invincible, deity.


Nothing can stand in your way.

An axe, which is a strong item in itself, coupled with the traits you picked.

Earlier, makes you a God among men.


This point, zombies, aren’t, really a threat to you.



Only thing that will hinder you from anything is your stamina and exhaustion.

You will be able to clear hordes with ease as long as you have enough.


When, you run out of stamina, just find a place to rest, and you can go back at it when you’re, fully rested.

After looting, the room for axes.

You should go into the next room.

Beside it.

This room will contain lots of medical supplies such as bandages, pills, and disinfectants.


The ones you think are necessary and continue looting.

The rest of the ground, floor.

There, are usually some good tools and clothing in the containers that you should grab.

One thing that I do suggest is that you find fireman clothing.

Either from zombie corpses or from the containers.


These clothes give incredible protection against bites and scratches.

Don’t forget to like and subscribe, or else I will bite and scratch.

Your nuts.

When you’re done looting.

The ground floor, make your way upstairs and head to the kitchen.


You will be able to loot the cabinets for food and water.

After looting.

The kitchen, make your way to the locker room at the end of the hall.

These lockers could potentially contain a bag, or other useful items.

After looting, the second floor, you will now have a stable supply of food and water for the next few days.

When you’re done completely looting the fire station.

It is time to make your way to the building across from it, which is the Police Station.

The Police Station has 3 important rooms that you should loot.

Number 1 is the large locker room located here.

Number 2 is the other smaller locker room located.


And number 3 is the weapon storage room over here.


You should loot both locker rooms as they possibly contain lots of good items.

Such as bags, bulletproof, vests, holsters, and possibly fanny packs.

After you’re done.

It is time to find a key for the, weapon, storage, room., The, most reliable method.

To find a key is to lure zombies inside the, building and kill.


They will have a chance of dropping a key which can open any door inside the building.

They died, in.

After that.

You could grab any gun and as much ammo as you want.

After this stage.

You should be, for all intents and purposes, ready to face anything that comes your way.


This point you will have had weapons.

Food, water.

Clothing, and storage.

All, you could need.

Is a vehicle and that will no longer be difficult to acquire.

You, literally, have everything you need to start? Your journey in the post? Apocalypse world of Knox? Country.? Now,? You may have some concerns about this.

Method, such as.

What, if there are too many zombies and I don’t have a weapon yet at the start? Well, you dumb bitch, all you have to do is just lure all the zombies away from the fire station down this road.

After you reach the end of the road, You can simply jump this fence over here.

After that.

You can just make your way back to the fire station and all the zombies will be gone.

There will only be a few stragglers left to fight.

If your bitch ass still can’t handle that.

Then you deserve to be slaughtered.


Is it for this video,? If you have any questions concerning this method, I will answer you in the comments.

Don’t forget to answer the question of the day.

If you wish to win 6 trillion, v-bucks.

The next video I post will be of me doing this method with an insane zombie population.

Just, to show you how effective this method, is.

Thanks for watching!.


What is the best start for beginners in Project Zomboid? ›

To wrap up, relying on our outline, you should choose Rosewood as your first location if you are new to Project Zomboid. Nonetheless, consider choosing West Point or Muldraugh if you're a ten-thousand-hour player. That's the guideline for the best starting location in Project Zomboid.

What is the best area to start in Project Zomboid? ›

Well, Riverside is arguably the most beginner-friendly map there is in Project Zomboid. The town is widely known for its accessibility to the nearby river, and the infected population isn't as large as other neighboring towns in Knox Country. Riverside shows many signs of commercialization prior to the virus outbreak.

What are the best traits for beginners in Project Zomboid? ›

The best starting traits depend on your chosen occupation. Assume that you prefer an “Unemployed” occupation, the positive traits are Wakeful, Lucky, Gymnast, Fast Learner, Fit, Keen Hearing, Organized, Strong, and Brawler.

How to be good at zomboid? ›

Always remember that making any loud sounds in Project Zomboid will attract nearby undead. Instead, aim to find a house with an unlocked door. If you're in trouble and you need to find shelter fast, try disassembling a door. But rebuild the door as fast as possible to prevent zombies from entering your new safe house.

Is Project Zomboid alone worth it? ›

Is Project Zomboid good for solo? No NPC's , but yes its definitely worth buying for solo play. I'm a completely anti-social player and only ever buy games for solo.

Does Project Zomboid get more difficult? ›

There are no traditional difficulty settings in Project Zomboid, but you can still tweak your experience with different game modes. Whether you're looking for a challenge that leans heavily on survival or prefer to just completely customize how the world or zombies behave, there is an option for everyone.

What is the easiest town to spawn in Project Zomboid? ›

The first of the Project Zomboid maps is Muldraugh, which is a small town in the middle of Kentucky, and is seen by many as the standard beginner town because it's easier to survive in than the other locations. It's also the starter location for many of the challenge game modes.

What is the safest place in Project Zomboid? ›

Riverside (Safer Start) Riverside is arguably the safest starting location in Project Zomboid, as you always have a river barrier to your north.

Are gas stations infinite in Project Zomboid? ›

Do Gas Stations have infinite Juice? By default, no. But the amount of gas within the tanks is very high, it would take years to empty all gas stations on the map.

Is smoker a good trait in Project Zomboid? ›

If the player has the smoker trait, they will require having a regular cigarette, else they'll start to gain stress and eventually unhappiness. By having a smoke, they will completely relieve all stress accumulated (only -5 without the trait).

How long is 1 hour in zomboid? ›

By default, a day in Project Zomboid lasts 24 in-game hours, which equals 1 hour in real life.

What is the longest time someone has survived in Project Zomboid? ›

Well, while some people have claimed to live past the first year (allegedly), the longest verifiable time that we have recorded is someone lasting 11 months in Project Zomboid. Considering that surviving as long as a single month is considered a badge of honor in this game, lasting 11 months is almost unthinkable!

What is the best starting town in Project Zomboid reddit? ›

Rosewood, easiest spot guaranteed. A little small but the fire station makes a great base. West Point is the best town hands down, first few weeks are high octane adventures. Although Muldraugh is my favourite for starting players, gives you a bit of a challenge and good loot to learn to play.

Where is the best place to loot in Project Zomboid? ›

Our picks for the best looting spots in Project Zomboid are Gigamart, Rosewood military base, police stations, fire departments, storage lots, bookstores, gas stations, pharmacies, auto shops, and gun shops.

Where is the best place for a generator zomboid? ›

In Project Zomboid, you can find the generator in warehouses, tool sheds, and occasionally self-storage facilities. The generator book can be found in mailboxes, on bookshelves of houses, or in libraries and post offices.

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