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Have you ever wanted to be a bear and also run a B+B in the forest?? Well, now's your chance! We're playing through some of this cozy indie game, Bear and Breakfast, and will be discussing our thoughts about the game towards the end.
Bear and Breakfast is a laid-back management adventure game where you play as a well-meaning bear trying to run a B+B in the woods. Hank and his friends find an abandoned shack and, equipped with their teenage ingenuity, turn it into a money-making bed and breakfast scheme for unsuspecting tourists. As your business expands so do the mysteries of the forest, and Hank soon finds himself uncovering a plot deeper than the wilderness itself.

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I recently tried this game called bear and breakfast a cozy Adventure game where you play as a bear managing bed and breakfasts throughout the world.

It's been cute and fun.

So far, I love designing the bnbs.

The world is pretty vast and very explorable.

By the end of my first, let's play, we had just opened our third BNB and unlocked cooking, which is crazy.

I, just we've already been playing for four hours, like I, didn't think that we were gonna unlock anything else and I'm excited to see what the rest of the game has to offer.

So here, I have three bnbs that I've unlocked I have two more yet to be discovered, and this BNB is looking pretty good.


Wouldn't you say so: I know that my motel, which is where I'm going right now, is thriving, but my other BNB is um.

Decrepit I haven't really built much in it.

So we have to go check her out.

Okay, see, look, this is so empty, but this BNB unlocks the ability to cook and serve guests, food kind of cool and then I think before we hopped off last time.


We started a couple bedrooms and a bathroom of course, I decided to go to bed because I couldn't see anything and I'm.

Looking for scrap metal.

I know that there's some over here because it said on the map that there was oh great.

Oh great, we got a copper plate.

Everybody next on my list would be to get a bunch of cute little decorations so that I can start working on my Airbnb here in the high Lake.

That's where we are because it's empty and nobody wants to stay here.

You know which makes me very sad because I thought I did a pretty good job.

You know these these guests.

These humans are just so ungrateful.

Nice fixing the bus station.

Now we have fast travel sweet, so I can go in between all of my B and B's now, baby, very cool for us, decorating and owning the bnbs is pretty much just about like put in the highest level of objects, as you possibly can, and then bada bing bada boom you get more Prestige or whatever yeah it's.

The ranking system is prestige and you complete the quest easier.

It's um! It's a miracle: it's a Christmas miracle, all right now we got a front desk and we could start taking guests.

Oh wow, all these people have very high food requirements, and that is not something that I, like necessarily even have well whatever I could get more Comfort stuff, though so you know what I'm not gonna worry about.

It just come stay at my B and B.

That's all I need I, have a Quest available that I have to give a raccoon an egg dippy or wait he's a possum I, don't really know um, but he wants an egg, dippy and I.

Think that my friend, who taught me how to cook is gonna be able to help me a watched pot never boils so.

How about you take your watching somewhere else.

Um ma'am I need you to teach me how to make an egg dippy.

How else am I supposed to know how to do that? Egg, dippy, cooking recipe, never mind.

I, don't need her.

You are useless to me.

Ma'am cooking in this game is a nightmare, but it seems like I need eggs, bread and wood, of course, to make egg dippy I, don't know if I've ever even encountered, eggs or bread I had to look it up.

I had to Google it.

Apparently this guy saw sells food I.

Don't even remember him.

Tell me child.

Do you reckon with the Wilds? No I just want egg and bread.

Do you flirt with the bazaar? No I just want egg and bread you've never set foot in a shadow darker than your mother's ooh.

That's kind of like mean what the hell are you talking about, yeah? No, that's what I think too also did they just say.

The H word I thought this game was for kids, okay, I'm skipping! All of this dialogue.

This game is great.

It's just has a lot of dialogue.

Oh I can't buy anything from this man until I, restore the diner I.

Think that there's a diner here, yes I, want to repair it.

Copper plates porcelain, chunks, five glass panels.

How do I get a glass panel? You know it's too dark good night.

It's really hard to forage in the darkness.

I wish I had like a little headlamp or something okay.

Yeah, there's a bunch of trash in here, I'm gonna, be on the lookout for the glass panels.

I, don't know if I've ever seen that before, but I could just be misremembering or I could use my handy dandy, Googling skills, because I really don't know about glass panels.

Just kidding I got some now.

I just need copper plate.

This was way 100 easier than I thought.

It was gonna, be okay time to fix the diner so that I could buy egg and bread.

Okay, the diner is fixed, yeah whoa, they added a bunch of stuff.

In here too.

You know my guests might actually be happy for once [Music] I, don't remember where that possum even lives.

How am I gonna find him found you Gus Skip Skip Skip, Skip, Skip, Skip, Skip, Skip, Skip, Skip, Skip, Skip, I bet you.

The story is really cute.

I, just don't have time always the undeniable people possum Gus had offered his Services as a concierge.

All he asked for was a little stand through which he could take care of business.

Of course, a perfect position for such a a Charming individual.

If I come and help, you I'll need my own little table with my own little chair.

Okay, that's great so great I'm excited this is awesome.

You're, awesome, Gus's, concierge, stand I, love that, because something that you know you have to be on top of in this game is visiting your bnbs every day and accepting new guests.

If Gus can just do that for me, it'd make my life so easy.

I wonder how this is: gonna work, okay! Now what does he just like come and do stuff for me or okay? What if I go to bed so far, nothing another one of the quests that I kind of have to keep an eye on here is raising my Prestige, of course, and I can do that by replacing some of the items that I have in the bnbs right now with things that are of the utmost highest Prestige class, which is level three right now for me also I, don't really know what to do with items after I've already like gotten rid of them and don't want to use them anymore, because it's not like I have the most room ever to just continually fill these rooms.

You know: I have successfully raised my Prestige of this very full Airbnb full of [ __ ].

So that's another Quest done and then my next one is build.

One level three bedroom host two guests with the Pampered trait I, didn't realize that our guests had traits wow.

Oh I figured it out if I want the possum to come and work in the BNB I have to pay him 150 coins per day, but I will go ahead and hire him and see what he does.


Not sure what like off and on means here, 40 coins for what to do what I'm just gonna, we'll test it out.

So maybe I won't put his little stand inside all of the B and B's that I have I, don't know if he's even gonna be useful, yet I suppose what I should do now is probably just forage and see if I can figure out if there's a way to sell items that I'm not using anymore I, don't think that you can sell it or dismantle any of the items that you've used, which is something that I am very interested in, of course, because I'm constantly needing more currency, whatever the currency is to buy Decor, it's not money, I think it's trash, okay and then look I found a gas station that I can fix watering hole for the modern tourist on the road one extra guest request per day in this area.

That's a cute little detail, I like it and it looks like all my guests are real happy here, living their lives, leaving trash everywhere, but that's no concern of mine because it's my currency, it's what we need to keep the place running I also might as well buy some more recipes with all this cash that I have well.

I can finally start upgrading some of that, because my hygiene has been like really hard to upgrade, but no freaking Wonder.

It's all right here, I could have just been buying all this stuff.

The whole time Well turns out.

You need a lot of materials in order to upgrade the bathrooms.

What's really great, is the map will show you where to get certain materials? So that's exactly what I am going to do is I'm going to go, find some more I got enough just to make two more little bathtubs.

Oh, that looks really nice actually love it.

Okay, more foraging, let's go I should probably check on that one BNB that has all the cooking and stuff because I think those guests- um, hey I, haven't been there in a couple days, but B I think they like need food or something I, don't I don't understand.

We can confidently say, though, that this game is just a lot of gathering [ __ ] to craft [, __ ], to make the humans happy kind of cute.

Oh and I think these bedrooms are level three bedrooms right.

Dang I just really needed those level.

Three bedrooms like anywhere else, though okay, so there's this small refrigerator recipe that I bought I can't craft it right now.

I need more copper, but I'm, really really hoping that this is storage.

It says decoration, so I, don't really know it'd be really nice, though, if I could store some of the food and things if I could like get rid of that put it somewhere like anywhere else to be sick, there's also so much empty space in this one and since I have some extra money, I think I'm gonna start building more rooms.

It's gonna get wild I I can't believe I just spent 15 minutes on this, but check it out.

So all of these are bedrooms, the ones that are all grayed out with dark floor, and then we have one bathroom and guess what this bathroom Services every single bedroom and then I have plenty of room to add like decor and stuff over here for now, I think I'm, just gonna leave it empty, because this is a lot and now to collect resources as many as I possibly can, because this is becoming a dire situation.

I can't craft a damn thing: I spent all night looking for stuff and I got a bunch of things.

Hopefully, I can craft some beds right now, so I can at least start getting more guests inside of this puppy, oh shoot! It's a double bed.

Oh my rooms are a little small for double bed.

It's okay! We will make do we're just gonna double bed it up in all of these and we can put little tables instead of dressers.

Oh just kidding, I don't have money, uh uh, whatever at least I can start taking guests.

Decor minus 17.

What maybe it's, because it's close to the kitchen? Oh because did you know all the kitchen items they're like they give negative or something yeah that really sucks? Okay, I just checked on this BNB and what the [ __ ] I am gonna, lose my mind.

This guy isn't doing a single thing.

Oh my God, and you want to know why I have to turn every single one of these on individually in order for him to do any work.

So you know what maybe, when I get very rich I can start automating, but I'm not like at that level.

Yet, okay, I was paying 150 dollars a day for that guy to do nothing because I didn't pay the extra fee for him to do more.

That makes me so mad I I'm, like I'm, actually so mad, so I'm gonna be honest.

I'm kind of at like a lull for story, progression, I haven't gotten any new quests or anything.

The only thing that I have going on here are upgrades to the age 24 six guests in the high Lake and more bedrooms in Timber Crossing, but in order to do any of that, I need to be collecting a lot more resources than I already have I wonder if there's a way to easily or make money in this game.

So like yeah, if you're not familiar the currency situation, we have valuables and then we have coins.

I have a shitload of coins because I'm accepting a lot of guests, but I have to pick up valuables off of the ground, which is the trash.

So when I pick up, valuables I'm able to buy decor with the valuables I have not been able to craft any Decor.

On my own, like so I go into here, crafting there's functional Furniture decorative items.

Nothing I have nothing that I can craft here like this object, adds to comfort and decoration totally fine, but I need like more, if that makes sense, I'm also pretty low on things like the metal materials which okay, good I just had a bunch more spawn in today.

That's awesome.

Every couple of days things that I've already picked up will respawn, but you know I've been playing for like I.

Don't know like maybe like four days with you guys here.

Just in this video and I am struggling to get materials and money I.

Finally, did it I finally have enough materials to finish these bathrooms.

Sorry I'm, taking the sink while you're on the John I didn't mean to violate your privacy, like that, but I need to get in here.

I love that it looks beautiful jeez these humans leave a lot of freaking trash.

But honestly I cannot complain because that's what I need seriously three level three bedrooms in the a24: let's see what I can do with just crafting alone.

Oh build three level: three bedrooms is complete wow.

It really was that easy.

You really can get it done with just crafting okay, so basically I'm just gonna do the same thing over here, I guess too, looking better! How much come effort does that one room have because I just put in like a shitload of comfortable stuff, 25 I could potentially host someone no I couldn't how do I even get to 38.

all right truthfully I'm at a point where it's like this is getting really repetitive like I know that I have two more bnbs to unlock I, don't know how long I've been playing now, but I think it's been a couple hours and I haven't gotten any farther in unlocking these last two areas and bnbs.

So I'm gonna keep playing around and you know just try to see what kind of story stuff I can get done.

Maybe I need to be talking to more characters.

Maybe I need to just continue.

Upgrading the bnbs that I already have the world is truly our oyster right.

Now we gotta figure it out.

Grandma no come over when you get a chance darling.

Yes, okay, perfect! This is exactly what we needed.

Let's go check out that Grandma see what's up not like check her out but like just to see what she might need from us.

There's always wisdom in The.

Whisper of the water, even if this one is a particularly loud whisper, yes, waterfalls are very loud and she wants a mushroom soup.

I could totally do that.

Super easy! Oh, my God, bro I can't even believe.

I have to go to [ __ ] Reddit, to figure out that I have to shift click in order to just select one dude.

What don't you guys think that's a little silly.

How come I didn't know that? Maybe it's because I skip every piece of dialogue, whatever okay, Grandma I went through a lot to get you the soup.

Oh, that smell like pine bark and mildew I love how incredibly close I am to Grandma too.

Oh bye see you later you're, not gonna.

Do anything for me.

You just found out that I'm a bear that can cook and that's all that's all! That's that's our whole interaction.

Oh Julia's, here sorry I startled easily.

You walked up to me like.

Are we seeing how much dialogue this is? Can you imagine if I read all this out to you? The video would be two hours long talk to sap Sabine about helping Julia.

That's my next Quest, that is our cool forest ranger friend, look right here literally right there, oh Winterberry and white stone Bay.

Now I can go to there and I can go.

How do I get there? Oh all right! All right I can go up to Winterberry.

Now guys do you think Winterberry is gonna, be the snow region whoa.

Who is that is that a dog out in the middle of I see nowhere deep in the heart of Winterberry resides Jax, the Mastiff, you are so cute.

This gentle and warm approach seemed deliberate, replace this cold.

If anyone knew how to Kindle a fire, it was probably Jax find a way to repair one of the ski cabins.

What, where is that is that this sweet? So this is our fourth BNB, probably I can't see so I'm gonna go to sleep so that I could see where all the trash is I would love to repair the cabin yay yeah.

Oh, that's beautiful, I, love it and I can repair this one too.

If I really want it.

So why don't I do just that? The Mastiff man only asked me to do one, but guess what I'm an overachiever hello I fixed the cabin yes building stuff done.

We have to go to Whitestone Bay now, which is a whole other thing.

No wait! It's so dark.

Oh, oh God is that Grandma yeah I need to sleep, so I can see something.

I cannot see a damn thing at night.

This is so cool, I love it.

We got peaches over here and honey.

That's perfect because I'm a bear! Okay! Now this is epic wait.

What is that Wade I? Think I? Remember you I think we had to save him from construction or something I.

Don't remember! Oh okay, Wade's asking me to cook something french onion soup.

Well, I can try to do that later.

Skater I gotta talk to Grandma.

You know, what's funny, I just stopped to catch my breath, it's as if I was waiting for you to show up.

Oh, and what does she want me to do? Find a radio receiver in White, Stone, Bay? Well, I can totally try to do that and there's so many little resources here that I want to gather too.

So it kind of works out.

Oh what is happening.

The flight, the true Lord of blood, will descend upon us all that feel when the true Lord of blood descends upon us all large rock slide.

I need Prospectors gear I've, never even heard of that before so I, don't think I'm gonna be doing it anytime.

Soon, oh great great, great, great, great, great electronic pile, Oh, geez.

Okay, we got more stairs.

This Lighthouse just keeps going up, then we're at the top.

How do I get out of here hello? How do I get out of here? It's not letting me go! Excuse me! Oh my God I was gonna say it's becoming a dire situation.

Okay, well remind me to never [ __ ] go back up there.

Any luck! Finding a radio receiver I haven't static noises.

I uh have somewhere to be Grandma.

You are so mysterious.

That's what I want to be like when I grow up just wandering around talking to Bears listening to the radio.

So what was I here for in the first place, I gotta, find these things called sauna Stones.

Well, that was like a huge waste of my time, because I just ran around trying to find these sauna Stones turns out I had them the whole time.

Okay, you know what nobody said: I was good at video games, so I'm, also not very good at reading directions or knowing.

What's going on hello, sir I have your Stones, so it's telling me that I need to build a utility room so that I can keep my guests warm.

That seems okay and then it needs a boiler.

Oh Grandma boiler, oh and it takes copper plate.

[, __ ], you, copper plate is like the bane of my existence in this game.

Now, I have a boiler room, oh and now, I have to put fuel inside of it so that it actually works icky, maybe I'll just put like 50 of it in there sweet, so I think I can just go ahead and start adding rooms, I guess the Boiler Room.

According to this, it looks like it needs to be like immediately touching the other room in order for my guests to be warm.

I got some level 4 objects as well to craft um like this Divine bed.

Oh yes, we're going for it.

Sweet and I have more level four like decorative items, wow there's so many cute cute cute cute cute things I'm, just gonna pimp out one bedroom here because truthfully, like I, need the money to like upgrade my other places too.

So I ran into this issue, um, where okay, apparently I'm not supposed to have the boiler room near the bedrooms at a wall.

I think that's what the problem is because look! It's at negative, 42 decoration all right.

Let's see if this works now it's totally super far away negative 42 I, don't understand anyways.

This is like the best looking room, I've done.

If I rebuild it, maybe the farthest away that it could possibly be.

Maybe that would work.

I, don't know.

Okay, see old grandma boiler, negative 80.

So what do you think my room's at now that it's like super far away plus 44.? Okay? Let me go ahead and book.

Somebody in here temperature requirement what the hell, how do I know what the temperature is? I think it used to say actually, but then I put the thing too far away.

That's what it is.

I need to put fuel inside of this thing again, really I, just put like a huge stack of 100 in there guys I'm, American I, don't know what the Celsius is, so is it too hot or too cold or what okay, looking good I got.

Another boiler in here.

Do you think it'll make it hotter, or do you think this was a stupid, [, __, ] idea, 25, that's exactly what it was all right: okay, Bellatrix, you can come stay here.

I also need to make a bathroom and a kitchen and a dining room.

What the hell you guys! Okay guys! This is my what it looks like so check it out.

I put the Boiler Room on this side next to the kitchen, because you know the kitchen is also a Negative Nancy on our design score and then I have a dining room here and I.

Don't think the dining room does anything super negative to the score, so we should be okay and down here we have a bathroom.

Almost functional I need more copper plates and we have this bedroom.

Of course the bedroom is looking lovely, so I'm trying to make this french onion soup for our friend Wade.

Do you remember the mouse? He was a mouse and I can't even make it, because I need to upgrade my cutting board in order to get the slice option so I can slice the bread um.

Excuse me how do I upgrade that so I've now played this game.

A collective eight hours on Steam super cool, um I, really like the game, I'm more so a fan of, like the smaller run time, less grinding, it's really hard to like sit down and make a video, sometimes about games when I'm like I, don't know how much grinding there's gonna be.

You know I also play like old school RuneScape, which is all grind so I.

Don't know why I'm starting to feel like Baron breakfast fatigue, I really really wish that there was a way to reuse all of the things that become null and void and like trash to me, which is basically any of the furniture that isn't the level that I'm currently at right now.

So I have the storage full of stuff.

That's like I, don't know what to do with it, because it's all the previous level like level one Furniture, two three now I'm at four and five and so I wanna have four and five Furniture.

Obviously so I can keep up with the guest demands and like progress in the game, this stuff that is becomes useless so quickly.

I wish there was a way to break that down and use it to craft other things, because I swear to God, like most of the time I've sat here today and I've played the game.

I've just been running around in the same Loop going to get materials which is fine.

You know like games like Animal, Crossing and stuff.

That's kind of what animal crossing is right, is running around and getting and Gathering and forging and getting materials but like with Animal Crossing I feel like it's a little bit of like a different pace and like a little bit of a different payoff.

If that makes sense, so that would be my only beef with the game is that it's just a lot of going around and Gathering materials at first I was totally fine like it all, was super well balanced and then now it's like okay, I can't do any story progression unless I go out and forage for, like straight up like an hour like if we could take out some of that grind and have a shorter run time.

I think the game would be just as enjoyable and better but hey like that's just my my opinion: I'm, not a game developer I, don't make games or anything.

Obviously it's just me as a player.

That's just kind of how I'm feeling I am pooped anyways.

If you didn't see part one of my beer and breakfast playthrough feel free to check that out as well as maybe my unpacking, video If, you haven't watched me, play unpacking I, really loved that game too, and I feel like you would enjoy it.

Don't forget to check me out on my other socials I hope you're having a great day, and you continue to do so, and I will see you in the next one.


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Introduction: My name is Jamar Nader, I am a fine, shiny, colorful, bright, nice, perfect, curious person who loves writing and wants to share my knowledge and understanding with you.