I finally tried Bear and Breakfast (2023)


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Have you ever wanted to be a bear and also run a B+B in the forest?? Well, now's your chance! We're playing through some of this cozy indie game, Bear and Breakfast, and will be discussing our thoughts about the game towards the end.
Bear and Breakfast is a laid-back management adventure game where you play as a well-meaning bear trying to run a B+B in the woods. Hank and his friends find an abandoned shack and, equipped with their teenage ingenuity, turn it into a money-making bed and breakfast scheme for unsuspecting tourists. As your business expands so do the mysteries of the forest, and Hank soon finds himself uncovering a plot deeper than the wilderness itself.

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Have you ever wanted to be a bear? Have you ever wanted to run a bed and breakfast? If the answer to any of those two questions is yes, boy do I, have the game for you bear and breakfast the premise: you're a bear.

You own a bed and breakfast you guys have been asking for me to try this game out so I figured I would put it to the test and see.

Is it good? Please leave all of your game suggestions down below anything that you would want me to play.

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Now, let's hop back in, why can't I ever fall asleep on time same I'm, gonna be so tired tomorrow, oh my God.

Is this literally my life mom's gonna kill me? Oh, that's not very relatable.

For me, I'm 25.

Hank's hands got very cold.

All of a sudden wait is this: are we playing bear and breakfast? Why does this seem very scary? His forehead felt heavy with crushing pressure, a dark figure with glowing eyes stared from far away what is going on suddenly a blinding jolt of light lightning, illuminated the sky, Thunder, cracked, a shriek pierced through the air.

There was no one there.

Everything fell, dark and silent again, except for the rain.

Forget I said anything: sleep is overrated.

Look at me, though, actually I'm, so cute cute, oh I, can't move, do not do what see, because that's already happening move can't do that either wazdi.

Why does it feel so ominous that this tutorial is crazy right now, here we go.

We got it.

I'll just take a nap in the death bed.

I really thought this game was gonna, be like so wholesome and cute.

What's going on all right, I go to bed good night, don't what you're not great at making your mind up uh? What whose eyes I see you? That's it no more dumplings before bed yeah the dumpies will do it.

Oh hi I'm up I'm up! Well, aren't you a bag of bones? Good to see hibernation hasn't kicked in again.

You can't call it that every time I get a little extra sleep besides I had a hard time sleeping too many thoughts.

Well that runs in the family.

Have you tried thinking less hey, thanks, Mom where's Annie, oh in a room with will probably I, should go wake him up, alrighty, guys, let's go to somewhere else.

Who is that get out? Is this a bird am I talking to a little bird, not very good morning of you.

Why don't they like me, there's nothing good about being up this early I, don't smell any reasons to be up yet, what's on the docket today, boss, digging a new hole next to other holes? Actually mom's said she might.

Let us cross the creek today and check under bushes for mushrooms, see that's like the wholesome [ __ ].

That I was expecting from Baron breakfast okay.

How come we never get to do fun stuff anymore? Well, honestly! Well, that sounds like a lot of fun to me: we're not allowed to pass the fence anymore.

Besides, there hasn't been any new garbage in months it's morning, we're up.

Let's do stuff! That's what I'm saying ooh the outside is really pretty I, really like this art style.

There's Mom Mom's by the eye.

Rock hey Ma morning, kids morning, Mrs M, did you sleep all right as good as ever I know, I said no going past the fence, but you've all been so good and I need your help.

I'll need you to find me a bundle of alligator weed.

We gotta go get the stuff sweet.

Oh it's already dark.

Why is it night time so my current Quest is to go to Black Moss through the thicket I can view my quests here.

Wonderful I also have a bag.

Oh I can move all these around.

You know what I love that okay, so a pair.

Apparently this is where I'm supposed to go past the fence.

The three friends found themselves farther than they'd ever gone before past.

The soothing, Meadows and quiet streams of the thicket, Margaret wouldn't know, but this was not exactly their first Adventure Annie, the Caroline dog I'm.

Sorry I, don't know what kind of dog that is.

Will the poor will grumpy on the outside was surprisingly, even more so on the inside Hank, the brown bear cheerful and curious, maybe a little concerned about the promise he made back home, no Mom I'm, definitely not gonna wander too far in an adventurous fashion.

You know what maybe you just need to live a little Hank, so I thought that we had just woken up and it is dark.

I have no idea.

What's going on, oh, oh, what was that I heard it too we'd better go, but we haven't found the thing for your mom yet I'm with Hank.

Let's see where that sound came from that's not what I meant we are the people that would die in the horror movie.

Oh God, my friends ran off towards the noise.

My first instinct when I hear a scary, horrible screeching noise is not to go directly towards that thing, but hey, maybe that's just me.

I found my friends next to the shark.

This strange shark had a shiny, bouncy, exterior and wore cool sunglasses.

Next to it, a little car had a big advert for something called Pon Voyage hello, be part of the next exciting experience enticing Escape electrifying Enterprise.

How would you like to own the next minor share in the next major maneuver? Are we on Shark Tank? You should invest in my Baron breakfast, because I think that's what the game is going to be about soon.

Pond Voyage is a multinational, multi-layered multi-year friend Corporation we're all family here year, offering security, touristy adjacent goods and services in exchange for valuable personal collateral, just bring in your old, useless Priceless, Family, Jewelry or expensive heirloom of choice, and will give you a one in three day all-inclusive voucher for the vacation of a lifetime.

Con Voyage is also on the lookout for brand new Ventures and locations uh.

We will take any location or premises, no matter how run down or decrepit to offer our very human patrons the holidays they deserve for humans to live here.

Okay, do we think humans are good bad scary? If you or a friend would like to offer your home or house to become a pond Voyage premium premises by restoring repairing and redecorating and bringing it up to minimum standard which, frankly, no one enforces wow, that sounds familiar.

That sounds like regular Airbnb.

If I heard that shark right, I'm pretty sure it wants to give us money, all I heard was that humans are coming back.

Humans, I've barely seen one in months.

Don't you see what this means with our oddly alarming strength? My foolproof understanding of all things and spoilsport's cheerful attitude.

We stand to make a boatload of cash I'm gonna, be honest.

I have no idea what you just said: human back money give good okay, so we want money.

This game is about money, money, money, get the humans to give us money.

Just go.

Tell the shark we're in we'll just use any broken down, shed they're all abandoned anyways.

This is a great idea, nothing to lose nothing to gain grab opportunity better throughout.

You are now contractually obligated to provide your premium property details within the next three business days.

Okay, guys! This is amazing.

We're gonna be able to start our brand new, very own bed and breakfast.

My first Quest here is to find Tony.

The beaver I think he's gonna help me get started on my b and being if I got a bear wow he is adorable.

It's just me, sir Hank from the thicket.

Oh goodness, you can talk.

I'm, just yanking, your tail boy, how's, your mother, she's, great, listen, I, wanted to ask.

If you could help us, we gotta help.

Why don't you just say? So? What do you need a stack of birch? How much do you know about building things for humans? I mean when I took over the mill here.

I found all these papers and schematics.

It felt like stumbling upon artifacts.

Can you make all that? Oh anyone can it's quite simple.

Once you figure out how to read things, would you like me to teach you? Oh so we're gonna fix up this old shack together.

He's gonna teach me how to be a contractor beaver style, so I need to get five plywood planks, but don't need wow, okay, I'm getting a lot of planks here.

You guys not a huge fan of having to press things twice in order to pick them out.

So I go like these and then I have to go like these.

Hopefully I don't have to pick up too many things.

So did you find all the wood yep got a raw, her perfect you're doing such a great job? I love him I'm headed to Timber, Crossing I'll, see you there I, don't know where that is.

Oh, okay! So we're back here at the road.

Oh yes, this will do nicely.

Oh and we're gonna take this shed and fix it up.

Okay, my first task here craft, an item whoa okay.

This is kind of like the Sims.

You can have walls, no walls.

You can have whatever you want and then crafting here.

We want to make a level one bedroom object, shabby palette, bed recipe: oh I, can't place it in the hallway what okay, I'm, building a bedroom and then I'm putting a bed in it cute.

Oh no I think the only thing I was supposed to do was just make the bed all right.

I gotta steal my bed back.

Sorry, Tony I got a little ahead of myself here.

I play The, Sims, yeah I know how bedrooms work.

Humans always need to feed their false sense of superiority by having someone around they can look down on so we're gonna need to make them feel welcome by putting down a little table at the front house that tells them where to go and a little black book to keep the records for the shark and then I can craft that and I am good to go and we're gonna make so much freaking money.

We're not even gonna know what to do with it because we're animals all right.

There's our front desk looks fabulous, I love, it go talk to Sharky Boy tell him.

We got his joint ready.

That is a beautiful looking BNB hello, we'd like to have some humans over congratulations.

Your premium property is now listed on the network.

That was easy.

The time had come to unleash something both intriguing and unfortunate.

On Silver Valley people.

Look at that guy.

Those doing we mostly hairless creatures, were a controversial Topic in the neighborhood.

Some thought they were Godly beings forging the world with their magic and machine, mostly because they left behind food and other stuff that animals liked.

All he knew for sure was what his mom always said.

Keep your distance so much for that.

Madison West wants to come stay at my B and me come on.

So Madison is coming tomorrow.

I got a human on the way.

I am with human make sure you keep up with guest demands as they tend to become pickier and pickier.

Oh that's interesting.

Are we gonna get some Karen's up in here? That's not any fun! Good morning everybody, my first guest has arrived.

If only I could get there.

Oh, my god there she is a human she's.

Here, hello, it seems like she's, very satisfied.

Okay, where are you going? Oh apparently, it's very scary out here.

Is she leaving she hates? It am I scaring her am I the one.

Where are you going? Oh geez, she's passed by garbage and who the heck is this I'm looking for something humans like something that would make them feel more distinguished I need something Exquisite.

Why am I asking the little Trash Panda I feel like humans? Aren't Gonna Love trash okay? This guy doesn't want me to go through his garbage because he wants a snack.

It looks like your premium.

Property is lacking in the old pee Department Prestige.

That means that the decoration levels of your property aren't up to our low low standards.

It is ugly, that's what I was afraid of.

Madison was walking around like she's, never seen anything.

So disgusting raise the property prestige level to a satisfying degree before returning.

Okay and I have a little bit of money here.

So I can buy some of this useless furniture and wow.

Okay, so I learned some recipes wooden foot, rest sure and a simple wardrobe.

My guests are gonna.

Go crazy, for this can I rotate objects at all, or is this not possible because I actually can't fit my wardrobe um? And that makes me very sad, but you know what I can fit my foot rest and I can give them a window.


Maybe that's nice! You know what I figured out you guys I had to go to sleep and wait.

One more day, because I had no money and now that Megan or whatever her name is is gone I have a little bit of money to spend.

So I can build another room.

So here we go, we got another bedroom.

Hopefully this means I can get more guests right.

My prestige level is still at one.

It keeps telling me to put in like decorations, which is um fabulous, but I.

Don't know how to put more decorations in so I wonder how I am supposed to get more items a little bit earlier.

I found this junk rat and he asked me to get him a sandwich and then he would let me dig through his trash lucky for him.

I did indeed find a sandwich: stale, bread, crunchy cheese week, old mustard, just like Mom used to make I'll.

Let you buy my special selection of swill I'll.

Even let you have this one for free, sweet I've now unlocked tooks garbage and look it has so many decorations.

Let's go tuck! Also, seems to have a totally different currency of valuables? Which I can perceive to maybe be trash? That should totally be enough.

Decorative objects for me to get to level two Prestige I'm, also really loving, placing items and decorating this is so fun.

I do wish that, like the Sims, there was a way to just show the back wall.

You know like the outside facing back wall right.

All my simmers, you know.

What's up these are so freaking nice.

My guests tomorrow are going to be like wow you're, so amazing bear oh marvelous.

The old travel kiosk was the jewel of Timber Crossing.

It was one of the first things humans built here, so I think we should Spruce it up like we did with the shed.

Oh, this is a brilliant idea.

As usual, my son student, that's yes, that's what I said he is my dad he's so fatherly I love.

It he's my favorite character.

Also I mean what's not to love about that face.

If I remember everything correctly, there are a few things the humans looked for in the kiosk.

I can make a couple, but I don't have everything I need to get them just right.

I'll need a bit of human literature book, there's also an old computer sitting under the tower in sawdust and some sort of writing apparatus.

I think the bus driver might have one in his little bus Shack.

But my next task is to go on this adventure to get all of the items so that we can redo the kiosk I.

Don't know it sounds like we're.

Making a library or something boom I found something old trash can I, don't know if that's what I wanted.


What is going on here is that a human wait, a Diddly darn minute.

Who is that? Okay? Wait? What did you say? The woods are peaceful and quiet these days, a little too quiet.

Do you know that you're talking to a bear? Okay, wait: I, guess, there's another human in here, but I'm pillaging from their house! Well, hello! There bud, oh shoot! I was caught.

Aren't you a good looking one I haven't seen your likes around my buses before I, like your hair, yeah I'll give them a compliment.

Soft bear noises, Oh What a kind, looking bud.

You are I'm, Oliver I run the buses here.

If it wasn't evident, do you do you take the bus? You know, what do you think you could do me? A solid bud.

I've got this letter.

I've been dying to send okay, so I have to go.

I was just at the fire watch tower and I can't get the pen until I give the letter to the fire watch Lady.

This is so tragic.

Hello, ma'am I am back, I have a leather for you.

Apparently, this is the only human that can actually understand me too.

All the other ones have not understood a word that I'm saying I am just simply a bear.

So I delivered the letter.

Apparently it's the last page of our Atlas.

We mapped out the whole valley figured out where to put stations for his buses and everything I thought this burned up in the fire.

I know you came all this way, but could you get this thing back to him? I bet, he doesn't even know.

I have the rest.

Oh and she was so nice as to give me a compass.

I, don't know what it does.

I don't know, I wasn't even really looking at my map before so like I wasn't even referring to the map, but I think this Map works.

Now you know what don't ask me, because I didn't even check even once.

For a moment, hello, Oliver I am back.

She gave me this for you, oh wow, oh wow, but she found the rest of it.

That's incredible! Bud look, there's sawdust, High, Lake and look.

This is where we are.

You probably don't even know what I'm on about he thinks I'm done.

He thinks I, don't speak human, oh nice I was trying to fix up the bus stop earlier, and this was one of the ingredients.

So I have to use that to fix up our stops and do you know what that unlocks fast travel, which is going to be my Lifesaver here? Also I can't tell but I think it's the morning and my guests are going to be arriving soon, but I gotta go pick up that last object, so I can continue completing all of my quests.

This game has a lot of quests, which I think is very nice.

I forgot.

Why I'm doing this, but you know what I am just a question bear.

That's all I can do all day quest, Quest and guest guest.

Guess wow, just like new.

That is just like new looks great in there I've done about all I can for for this place.

I think you've got a good start here.

Although there's quite a bit of work ahead of you still I'll be back in my mail.

If you ever need me, no my dad is leaving Hank.

Where have you been I've been sniffing.

All over I met Tony and he taught me how to find some Lumber.

Then we made a bed for humans and where did you find the alligator weed? Oh, we didn't find any of that.

Just Pine and plywood I totally forgot about that I kind of forgot about these guys too, like in general, I completely forgot.

Oh my gosh.

We have to go home.

Sorry, Mom I can't bring you your weed, I'm too busy running a BNB Hank.

Where have you been? My goodness? Gracious are you all right did something happen: I'm, okay, Mom, just being like an incredible business.

Bear humans are coming back, I, don't suppose anything's wrong with that.

Okay cool.

So we just love humans here and it's totally chilling and we'll take their money, I, suppose there's nothing! I could do to keep you around anyway.

Oh wow, okay, Jesus, oh, who is this I, said an old ass Mouse approach.

Me listen.

You made quite an impact on my trash talking associate.

If you happen to make your way down, come find me at the dump.

I'll make you an offer for you can't, refuse or I, don't know I guess you could refuse it, but it's a pretty good offer.

Okay, so we're gonna go meet up with Godfather rat at the dump.

I'm in the a24 I think I found the mouse Godfather our Hefty entrepreneur.

How'd you find the trip, hey I, don't think I told you my name.

You didn't have to I knew it before your mother.

Did my collaborator up north says you're up to something good, bringing people back up in the valley.

That's good news for everyone, but we got a problem.

One of my crew went missing three nights ago.

Claire will fill you in.

We lost weight at approximately 9 pm near the Black Moss border.


Make you a deal, you need me and my dump to get your little venture up and running otherwise, you'll run around for scraps a die of old age before your first customer sets foot into place, except for I've had a lot of customers.

Sir, you don't know anything about me.

I will go find your friend out of the goodness of my heart, but I don't need your stupid track or your trash talk.

I'm, sorry to bother you ma'am I'm, just looking for a friend a friend here, happy hour, what I used to be he's pretty small and I think he got lost I'm worried.

Something happened to him.

I know where your weight is.

We found the rat.

What is going on here, I'm on a mission to get you back to the dump? Your boss is worried, sick.

This lady's, not letting me take the rat I gotta get her something good thing: I have been foraging and pillaging this whole time.

I got the rat I bargained for it now he's walking on home.

Please be careful: okay, nice whoa.

We have access to all of that.

Garbage I cannot wait to go dumpster diving! This is gonna, be so cool.

This is instrumental to our business and there's so many interesting parts and resources in here too I figured out how to rotate objects.

You will be pleasantly surprised to know that you can just press R and it will rotate.

This opens up a lot of possibilities.

I added another room to my beautiful BNB, and you know what it is.

Looking really good I'm very excited to announce that we we can open up an Airbnb somewhere else.

Yes, this is happening.

The motel in the a24 that looks so cool.

Welcome to the motel we're going to be able to make so many rooms.

We can do hygiene and special.

Now Distillery I want to try out this bathroom thing.

So, apparently, the minimum size is three by three.

So that's how I'm choosing to set it up just three by three now, apparently, you need to sink toilet shower I.

Don't have like materials to do that.

Add that to my list of things that I need to Deer to get this place up and running now, I want to know what is this Distillery? It's a bar! Oh my God.

It's a bar wow, that's so exciting! I! Just can't afford to do it, but that's kind of how I would imagine I would set it up and I'm gonna get my first guest.

Oh I got new crafting for all of the the toilet bathroom stuff.

This is so fun.


I'm, loving this bathroom shower situation.

The shark gave me all the stuff to build the Distillery, but I don't have enough.

Many and I have no other guests that want to come stay.

Even though I have four rooms.

That's fine! How is my other BNB doing? Well, it's doing pretty good I.

Just think.

I should build more bedroom.

If I have enough money to do that, I I! Don't oh shoot! I, don't have money.

Well, that's fine because you know what I can just wait get some other little tasks done like maybe I can get more furniture using the garbage currency and try to really pimp out these gorgeous little motel rooms.

I made all the rooms the same because for some reason it would really bother me if they weren't all the same.

This is just who I am I can't help it also very important I.

Think I figured out that I can wear a hat and I can also wear pants, um, not sure about the status on the shirt yet, but hey, hopefully, we're gonna get there.

Okay, you know what might just be shattering.

My world here I think that there's a problem with this bathroom this man, he walked into this room and he said okay, everything's chilling except he said no bathroom.

Look, look, look, look, look, look.

Did you see him? Oh I, don't know what happened he glitched out.

The bathroom needs to be connected.

This is a big stinker, I gotta reorient this entire place, I, don't even know.

I I was so obsessed with my layout and now here we are.

Oh, my God I was doing all of that and then look it's just you have to just be near by the bathroom.

Oh, my god! Well, look I've already I've already done all this work and now I have a whole new layout.

In my mind, apparently this room just was perfectly not close enough to the bathroom to where the guy didn't think that we had a bathroom I'm, just I'm gonna fix it.

We're gonna go for the most effective layout here.

Don't you worry remember what I said about the efficiency play.

We're I! Guess we're not doing that, but I did make a gorgeous beautiful, tell I think the layout is decent.

We're not going to make the most money out of this I.

Don't think! But that's okay, because you know we also just want to have like the cutest place ever and then we also have our bar in here and then I need more like furniture and decor for the other rooms and also I did end up having to kick out a lot of guests because I needed to move rooms around, and you have to kick them out in order to edit any of the rooms.

But that's okay, because look.

We have all of the hygiene boost and everything for these rooms.

It's gonna be great.

The only thing that I need to really up my game on is Comfort I, wonder if I could buy a better bed.

Oh yeah, okay, shabby wooden bed, rustic, Delight bed I'll go ahead and craft a butt load of those.

Oh wow, and this bed is way: prettier I, love, The, Rustic, Vibes, um I'm also really mad.

That I can't put this bed in the same exact spot as that bed.

It's like one off! Is it this window? What are you doing to me sure guys? It's fine! Okay, so you guys on my wonderful Journeys I have figured out.

You can't sell any items in this game, so I'm kind of just stuck with like an inventory full of furniture that I don't need anymore.

I, can't like get rid of my old beds unless I want to put them in storage, which I guess is totally a viable option or I could just trash them, which seems like a total waste.

I mean I would love to be able to disassemble any of the things that I've crafted and then like use those resources to do other things right.

This seems very silly to Me Maybe, not to you guys, I, don't know.

What's your opinion on that, this game requires like a lot of work and a lot of thinking and brain power and everything, but a lot of it is kind of like I guess not really waiting around there's enough to do like um.

You know with my down time when I'm like okay I, don't have any more money to like add more rooms.

I can go and do foraging kind of like this and there's all sorts of crazy Little.

Critters, all around that I've been meeting and everybody's been pretty Pretty stinking cool also once it gets late enough, I can go to sleep so that I can just go to the next day, which I have been doing a lot, because the most important resource above all is money.

You need a butt load of coins in order to really make anything happen, as well as the trash resources.

The valuables that is super important as well, also really cool.

You can sleep from anywhere, I love it and I guess.

The reason being is because you're a bear and you don't really need a bed.

There's no energy meter or anything like that.

You can just go, go, go, go, go and you don't have to worry.

You are just a bear on the run and you know what I love that for us, the one thing you have to really remember, above all, is to just make sure that your rooms are getting filled like before the beginning of each day.

You gotta make sure that you come stop in and just double check make sure that you don't have any vacancies.

Otherwise that severely harms your income flow.

Okay, I think I'm in a good place.

Now, where I could probably head up to the Highland Lake High Lake, because my guests are doing okay, they seem pretty happy and content I'm getting used to the rating system.

They all have different needs, whether it be Comfort, Decor or hygiene, and so I'm like trying to strategically put all of the little guys in each room.

It's really fun.

It's a fun.

Little task: oh I, want to unlock that fast travel.

So bad I don't have a bus sign, but you know what I did stumble across another B and B baby I love it is there a farm up there too you're [, __ ] kidding me and oh my God, an upstairs you're joking, that's so cool I'm, gonna, freaking bed and breakfast the heck out of that place.

Wow that house never looks so clean.

Is that a Fresh coat of paint it is? Is there anything you need? I could go, get it for you, I'm pretty great at that I gotta go find Sage, oh my goodness! So much questing and you know what else I got to do- do up make a little campsite.

That's kind of sick I get to build camping stuff.

This is so fun.

Hey that looks pretty good.

I love.

It I somehow ended up in this very dark and scary and creepy Forest I'm trying to get stuff for the goat Julia so that she would love me and maybe let me steal some of her crops all right.

Missy I got your Sage wow I get to make a dining room.

Now holy cow, that's so cool and I am gonna, take all of Julia's crops.

Thank you very much.

I hope that she won't be mad.

I gotta, say the whole double pressing so that I can Harvest things driving me nuts, where am I going to put this dining room kitchen and dining room? I'm gonna put it right here by these big beautiful windows that is going to be gorgeous darling.

We've got our stools and a buffet perfect you've got everything you need to start making some delicious food.

Oh, except like the one important bit somewhere to cook it.

I can't even believe I was not expecting to be able to be farming and cooking in this game.

I really thought that this was it like you.

Just you run your little B and B's and you mind your business kitchen completes grab some taters from the garden and some mint next to the lake and give your new kitchen a spin, as a bear have I ever cooked before seems like a lot of responsibility.

Um I, don't understand this at all.

How do I cook? Okay, guys? This is officially the [ __ ] weirdest thing ever, but um we've got it apparently I have to pick the boil card and put the things that are in the boil: category I.E potato on the boil card: fuel wood, bada, bing, bada, boom, Oh, it's cooking, a shitload of mashed potatoes.

Okay, maybe I should have selected less potatoes, but that's fine um.

We now have three three things of mashed potatoes: mint tea.

How do I just pick? One I don't want to use all of my ingredients at one time.

Okay, guys I could not figure it out so I'm, just making three mint teas.

Apparently, I I don't know I I give up.

That was that was way too much brain power.

I actually really don't like this, but that's okay, I'm also not used to change and I am a hater, always all the time, but I mean hey.

It wasn't that difficult, but I also I did not figure out how to just select like a number of items from your inventory to cook with.

So if anybody knows how to do that, please let me know so: I, don't waste all of my ingredients all the time, nice and then she gave me a bunch of her recipes.

Oh cool, so, okay by cooking a bunch of these recipes, that's what I'm going to serve out on our buffet table right here.

This tiny Buffet is going to house all of these mashed potatoes and all of that mint tea that we just made.

So if I want to buy more recipes from her I can absolutely do that.

But I think that before I hop off today, I'd love to get this Farmhouse set up.

Looking pretty good.

This is a functional bathroom.

Thank God, I, don't know what I would do if that was not the case.

I think I would just simply give up and cry gotta make sure to decorate it at some point, but not today, my friends, I think I am hopping off.

This is cute.

You know, I wasn't expecting all of this to be so elaborate like.

We really do have a lot of things to do.

There's so many little milestones and tasks to do and complete only a couple things that bug me is you can't really do anything with your old furniture.

I haven't really had much of a problem with it, though.

The only thing that I would love to either break down for resources or sell would be the beds beds would be nice to get rid of.

Also now that we have like cooking and farming, and all of that I can see Inventory management being very annoying and frustrating, because this is a lot.

So what I'm, really really hoping is that I can make like a little chest or a refrigerator pantry type of item, so I can store all of my food in the kitchen and sure it's it's totally fine for me to like store it in the dumpster I.

Just am really hoping that it's something I can keep in the kitchen and also I'm, really just hoping, like total pipe dream stuff.

If there were a pantry, we would be able to use the pantry while we're cooking instead of having to take everything out of the pantry into my inventory.

Okay, you know what I mean you guys catch.

My drift um, just a little bit of like quality of life stuff, would be really really helpful to this game, but I really am enjoying the content in general, like it's, been a really fun game to explore and play so many different little areas to unlock, like I am loving it and now I feel like we have so much more to look forward to so that is cool.

Let me know what you thought of the good old good old BNB again, if you have any game suggestions, please let me know sometimes I like to play games on Twitch first other times, I like to just throw them on and play them for a video, so please feel free to come and check us out on Twitch twitch.tv list.

The last I also have other socials Instagram Twitter.

If you would like to check those out, if you liked this video I definitely recommend you check out my unpacking playthrough two videos of very epic awesomeness that I had so much fun, making, if not I'm, sure I'm gonna put a little thingy for Baron breakfast part two when that comes out have a great rest of your day and I will see you in the next one.


Is there an ending to Bear and Breakfast? ›

The game ends with Kai explaining his battle with Thyne, which reveals a significant imbalance in the area's ecosystem.

What is the story of Bear and Breakfast? ›

Bear and Breakfast is a laid-back management adventure game where you play as a well-meaning bear trying to run a B+B in the woods. Hank and his friends find an abandoned shack and, equipped with their teenage ingenuity, turn it into a money-making bed and breakfast scheme for unsuspecting tourists.

How many hours of gameplay is Bear and Breakfast? ›

A Bear and Breakfast playthrough can last up to 30 hours, so just like the hotel management, quests will begin to feel repetitive. And rather than spending so much time on hotels, being able to spend more time on and in each attraction would allow you to play with different layouts and opportunities.

Is Bear and Breakfast replayability? ›

The Replayability of Bear and Breakfast

Thankfully, Bear and Breakfast has several save slots, so players can choose to start over without deleting all the progress of previous saves.

Can you redo a room in Bear and Breakfast? ›

To change up a room, head over to the area's respective workbench (or click the hammer on the toolbar, if you have the Tape Measure unlocked). Once you're in edit mode, just click the room you want to change and a menu should pop up, like in the image below.

Do bear couples stay together? ›

Bears generally live solitary lives, but can be found together during mating season.

What is the moral of The Bear story? ›

Moral of the Story

We should never have a greedy nature. Always try to stay happy.

What is the message of The Bear story? ›

The bear story deals with the author's love towards animals and his opinions on animal cruelty. Rather than voicing out his opinion directly, he crafts a story through which he talks about how animals influence the lives of human beings and vice versa. The bear is an animal that is not made for human living conditions.

What is the moral story of The Bear story? ›

The moral of the story is: “Keep your calm even in times of trouble”. The friend who panicked forgot all about his other friend who could not climb a tree. But the friend who remained composed was able to find a simple way of saving himself from the bear.

Can you walk faster in Bear and Breakfast? ›

Trail Mix is a collectable in Bear and Breakfast. It is received as a reward for the quest More than a Shed. It increases Hank's walking speed by 50%.

Can you cook in Bear and Breakfast? ›

How to Cook in Bear and Breakfast. In order to cook, players will first need to make their way to Highlake and complete a task for Julia, the goat that lives near the old Captain's home. She will not only teach Hank how to cook, but also sell recipes from the little store by her home.

How do you get to level 2 in Bear and Breakfast? ›

You will need to complete the quest Bear Fruit to unlock Level 2 Kitchen furniture. Upgrade the stove and cutting board to make the French Onion Soup. Once done, return to Gus in Whitestone Bay. He will be so grateful that he will offer his garbage collection services for your resorts.

How do bathrooms work in Bear and Breakfast? ›

Bathrooms must be 3x3 and have one door. The basic 3x3 layout will cost players 135 coins. There must be one bathroom for every two bedrooms. In order for it to count as a bathroom, it will need three items: a toilet, a sink, and a shower.

Can I sell items in Bear and Breakfast? ›

Can You Sell Items in Bear and Breakfast? The short answer to this question is that Bear and Breakfast players cannot sell their items. This is an unfortunate oversight on the part of the developers in many fans' opinions on the Steam Community pages.

How do you get more money on Bear and Breakfast? ›

Decorate, decorate, decorate.

Every room needs to have decorations. Decorations raise the Prestige Level of the resort, which ultimately means more money from guests. When building, you must always craft the furniture first before you build the room. You can stash items in the Bear Stash.

What do you do with old furniture in Bear and Breakfast? ›

  1. Hank can now simply regain materials from crafted furniture.
  2. Salvaging is free, but the process will return only 50% of the original materials.
  3. Excluded are Decorative objects.
Jun 7, 2023

Do you need a kitchen in each building Bear and Breakfast? ›

The kitchen items unlock about halfway through the length of Bear and Breakfast. Hire Julia to cook for each location. While this costs coins and requires a kitchen in every building, it save a boat load of running around and collecting food items, cooking, then putting the cooked food in each of the locations.

Why is my guest not leaving Bear and Breakfast? ›

Guests won't leaveIf a room is modified or edited while a guest is staying in it, it is possible for guests to remain stuck in place and not leave. In order to fix this, you need to: Delete the room and remake it. The guest should then leave. We are aware of this issue and are working on a permanent fix.

Do male bears mate with multiple females? ›

Both males and females will couple with multiple mates, and many females will conceive multiple times and have cubs from different fathers in the same litter. Litter size typically ranges from 1 to 4, and is mostly determined by the mothers early winter fat stores.

How far can a bear smell honey? ›

They also have a sense of smell 20 times more powerful than dogs and can smell honey from 1,000 meters. Once they smell honeycomb, they'll track down the tree, climb it, tear it open, and then use their long tongue to get into the honeycomb! It's not only sun bears that love honey, all bears do.

How long do bear families stay together? ›

Family Breakup

Black bear mothers give birth in January and stay with their cubs for 16-17 months. Family bonds remain strong right up to the day of family breakup. In the days…

What is the conclusion of the bear story? ›

Conclusion. Back to home, the lady scolded the bear harshly and decreed that he would be chained for two days as his punishment. Hearing her, the old cook intervened and defended the bear who had been sitting outside his kennel the whole day like an angel.

What is the symbolism of the bear in the bear? ›

The Native Bear Symbol represents strength, family, vitality courage and health.

When was the bear tied up with a chain Why? ›

The bear was tied up with a chain when he tried touching the beehive and probably got a bleeding nose from the sting of the bees. He was also tied up on Sundays when his mistress went to visit her married sister on the other side of the mountain-lake. Was this answer helpful?

Why was The Bear sorry? ›

Ans. The bear was looking sorry for himself because he had been chained for the whole Sunday afternoon and was lonely without his mistress. The cook got angry with her mistress because she was scolding the bear for no fault.

Why was The Bear looking sorry for himself in the evening? ›

Answer: The bear was looking very sorry for himself in the evening because he did not like to stay locked in the room and instead wanted to join his mistress on the walk.

How did The Bear wait for the lady? ›

The bear looked sad when the lady came back home in the evening. The poor creature had been in chains all day. He was kept waiting for the mistress to come and set him free. The mistress scolded the bear for following her in the forest.

What is the moral of this story? ›

The moral of a story is the lesson that story teaches about how to behave in the world. Moral comes from the Latin word mores, for habits. The moral of a story is supposed to teach you how to be a better person.

Can you tell me a moral story? ›

The farmer decided to cut the goose and remove all the golden eggs from its stomach. As soon as they killed the bird and opened the goose's stomach, they found no eggs. The foolish farmer realized they had destroyed their last resource out of greed. Moral: Greed destroys your resource.

What is the moral of the story the bear that wasn t? ›

It revolves around the concept of people believing a repeated idea even though it may not be true. People have a tendency to shift their views if a concept is hammered into them over and over again, like the bear being told he is a "silly man who needs a shave and wears a fur coat".

How do you get a Level 3 bathroom in Bear and Breakfast? ›

You will need to complete the Main Quest Creature Comforts in Winterberry to unlock Level 3 Bathroom furniture. Craft an Ornate Bathroom Sink, Luxurious Throne, and a Lavish Standing Tub to raise the Hygiene score. Now you can accommodate higher Hygienic scores.

What is the iron key in Bear and Breakfast? ›

Iron Key is a quest item received from Eris in the quest The Onyx Stone. Unlocks An Old Iron Gate in the Darkgrove cave, allowing quick exit from the cave back to Darkgrove.

What happens if you don't cook bear? ›

Trichinosis is a food-borne disease caused by a microscopic parasite called Trichinella. People can get this disease by eating raw or undercooked meat from animals infected with the parasite. Often these infected meats come from wild game, such as bear, or pork products.

What temperature is bear meat safe? ›

The internal temperature of the thickest part of the meat needs to reach 165°F for at least 3 minutes. Heating the meat to an internal temperature of 170°F is an easy way to ensure that it's thoroughly cooked.

Can you eat bear meat and is it good? ›

Some game meat has received a bad reputation for palatability. For example, many hunters shun bear meat. However, most hunters who do eat black and brown/grizzly bear say the meat is usually good or very good, unless the animal has been feeding on fish.

Is Bear and Breakfast like Stardew Valley? ›

Another classic simulation game, Stardew Valley focuses on revitalizing an old farm and town center into its former glory. It shares similar features to Bear and Breakfast: design, rebuilding, and improving resources and materials.

How do I choose a room in Bear and Breakfast? ›

Build, which looks like a hammer icon, is used to create rooms. Select the type of room, then click and drag to decide on the location and dimensions inside the space. This icon can be used to build any type of room, including special rooms, bedrooms, and bathrooms in Bear and Breakfast.

What are sauna stones for Bear and Breakfast? ›

Sauna Stones is a quest item in Bear and Breakfast. Hank can find it in a Sauna Stone Box in Whitestone Bay. They play a role in the quests A Hot Request, Stone Unturned and Stepping Stone and must be given to Jax in Winterberry.

What is Jack and Jill bathroom? ›

With Jack and Jill bathroom suites, space is shared, or at least that's the idea behind it. A Jack and Jill Bathroom is a bathroom that has two doors and is usually accessible from two bedrooms. It's supposed to help cut down on the problems that most families face when it comes to the bathroom; who uses it first?

What is the size of a bedroom in Bear and Breakfast? ›

Here are some basic tips for building new rooms: Rooms can be a minimum of 4x3 squares. Bedrooms need to be near various facilities; there cannot be a motel with all bedrooms. There needs to be one bathroom for every two bedrooms.

Why do Jack and Jill bathrooms exist? ›

This is extremely useful for larger families, as having a shared bathroom would save a lot more space as compared to having an entirely new bathroom altogether. A Jack and Jill bath can also have additional fixtures to it such as double sinks with mirrors that often come with their own separate storage.

How do you complete Bear and Breakfast? ›

To complete this quest, create one bedroom inside the Dinky Shack with one door and one bed inside. Then have a chat with Tony. A Common Front – After building that bedroom, the next quest will become available.

What to do after freeing Kai Bear and Breakfast? ›

You should go talk to the Flight. Head back to Whitestone Bay and the Flight the news. They will tell you the story about the fire that killed a bear. Hank needs to investigate.

Is The Bear series over? ›

The Bear was renewed for a second season in July 2022. White, Ebon Moss-Bachrach, Ayo Edebiri, Lionel Boyce, Liza Colón-Zayas and Abby Elliott are all expected to return.

How do you unstack Bear and Breakfast? ›

🐻If you get stuck in Blackmoss (or anywhere else for that matter) press the + button to enter the Pause menu, and in the top left you'll see our Bear Stuck feature, which you can press Right Stick to access and get the bear unstuck!

How do you unlock more recipes in Bear and Breakfast? ›

When you reach Highlake, you will unlock the Cooking skill. This allows you to cook food in the Kitchen and then feed your Guests in the Dining Room. Cooking recipes can be bought from the specialty store Julia's Recipes for Coins.

Why did Barbara leave Bear and Breakfast? ›

At the end of the main story, she leaves for a new life in Silver Valley implying that she left Pine Falls because it was in the caring hands of Hank (Protagonist/Player).

How do you get level 2 on Kitchen Bear and Breakfast? ›

You will need to complete the quest Bear Fruit to unlock Level 2 Kitchen furniture. Upgrade the stove and cutting board to make the French Onion Soup. Once done, return to Gus in Whitestone Bay. He will be so grateful that he will offer his garbage collection services for your resorts.

Where is Gus in Bear and Breakfast? ›

Gus is a character in Bear and Breakfast. He is an oppossum who can be met the first time in The A24 area. Gus lives there in an old shack. Later in the story, he is walking around in Darkgrove.

What to do if your guest doesn t leave? ›

Call the police. You might also consider getting a restraining order or a domestic violence protection order that prohibits that person from having any contact with you. For additional assistance, contact a domestic violence prevention organization or check out these victim resources.

How do you get level 3 bathrooms in Bear and Breakfast? ›

You will need to complete the Main Quest Creature Comforts in Winterberry to unlock Level 3 Bathroom furniture. Craft an Ornate Bathroom Sink, Luxurious Throne, and a Lavish Standing Tub to raise the Hygiene score. Now you can accommodate higher Hygienic scores.

What does KBL mean in The Bear? ›

A quick shot in The Bear season 1 ending shows "KBL" is on the bottom of the tomato cans, meaning Mikey was putting the money in them for safekeeping. RELATED: The Best TV Shows Of 2022.

Why was the money in the tomato sauce? ›

What did the money in the tomato tins mean? The suicide note simply said: "I love you, dude. Let it rip." The latter was Mikey's motivational mantra to his little brother. It also included his secret recipe for family spaghetti, recommending smaller cans of tomatoe purée because they taste better.

Why did Michael put money in the tomato cans? ›

Michael was most likely instructed to not put the money in the bank for myriad tax reasons. In his scattered state, the processing of the tomato cans really felt like he was starting to build something, felt more like a real plan of action to him. A safe felt too safe, too obvious.

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