Datto's Thoughts on Bungie Talking About Rewards/Loot in Destiny 2 (2023)


Recently, Assistant Game Director Joe Blackburn put up a post on bungie.net discussing some recent events regarding rewards in Destiny, on top of some other information. I will read the information to you and then give you my reactions to said information. That's the whole thing. A lot of this will feel familiar if you watched my first impressions videos of Beyond Light and Season 12 since it's mainly feedback based on the first month of Beyond Light.

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Hey guys.

Recently, Assistant Game Director Joe Blackburn, put out a post on Bungie.net discussing, rewards in Destiny and some things to come over the next year.

I wanna review those things and give some thoughts as we head into 2021.

We'll talk the content of the article first, then thoughts after for those of you who already read the article.

It's linked in the description.

If you haven't.

I'm gonna, be paraphrasing a lot of stuff to keep it brief.


Are we making every Season the best time jump back into Destiny?"? He asks.

Infusion caps are the first thing to be mentioned.

Infusion caps exists for a few reasons: to limit the amount of stuff.

You need to care about at once, to evolve seasonal metas and to keep things feeling fresh for players over time, from builds, to loadouts, to figuring out what Bungie should make next.

BUT, there were some misses on Beyond Light, launch: initial loot pool was too small and it's frustrating seeing other people use guns that aren't in the game.


The, big commitments, Bungie plans on making to resolve this are the following: Each season in Year.

4 will grow the overall Power ecosystem for weapons.

All weapons you can take to the Power cap should still be earnable in game with very few exceptions, and future annual releases will contain more new weapons to collect than Beyond Light or Shadowkeep.

With Beyond Light, Bungie rebuilt a lot of their tech from the ground up, which is what enabled such a quick change with that batch of legendary weapons being added back into the game.


Do they plan on leveraging their new tech into the future? Well Season 13 is only 2 months, away, which in dev time is the equivalent of 46 minutes in real time.

But here are a couple of things that they've been able to add since receiving the feedback in Beyond Light.

They're, adding 6, new legendary weapons to strike, crucible and gambit.

2, each, and Nightfalls are getting The Palindrome, The, Swarm and Shadow Price, Destiny 1, favorites., Grandmaster Nightfalls will grant you adept versions of these weapons.

Next, Bungie wants to keep things accessible to new players, need new players to keep things: rolling.

In a recent patch, Bungie re-added, Season 10 and 11 weapons, while removing season 9 weapons.

Since season 9 weapons were set to ..

sunset next, season.

Bungie wants to make sure that players have a way to earn all Power-relevant weapons in the live game, while not clogging up, rewards with stuff.

That's going away.


In, Season 13, you'll still be able to get Season 11 and 12 weapons in the world drop pool, while Season 10 weapons will be earnable in a different way, meaning they'll no longer be in the world.

Loot pool.

The Gunsmith will be a more central figure with regards to that.

Bungie wants to make sure that you can continue to get the things you need for more challenging activities, although with some exceptions and some updates to the game.

Holiday event, weapons like from Festival of the Lost or Dawning will stay where they are, BUT Felwinter's Lie, Whisper of the Worm and Outbreak Perfected will be added to the exotic kiosk in Season 13.

Next, Bungie introduced a chunk of new, pretty good perks into the game recently, on top of having some solid weapons, every season.


While the quality was there, the quantity is not.

To keep things.

Brief, Bungie will be hiring more people for the rewards.


This isn't something we'll feel in the next month, but rather with next year's expansion., Next, armor sunsetting.

Not a lot of people like it.

Right now, the personality of armor comes from mods, so it feels bad having to re-grind armor with the same stats for no reason other than "go grind." Bungie doesn't have concrete plans on resolving this just yet, but they want to get to a spot where looting.

Armor has some potential benefit or change to the way you play.


Just some news: Transmog will be coming with Season 14.

Here are some work-in-progress screenshots.

These are not final.

Ddos protection for console players of Destiny 2 will be coming in Season 13.

Vault of Glass returns.

No time frame, given.

Crossplay is coming in 2021.

No other details, given.

Fallen, SABER and Devil's Lair are coming in Season 13, I think we knew that already? And, Legendary and Master Lost Sectors will be expanded to include Moon Lost Sectors, with 3 new exotic armor pieces to get, I, assume 1 per class.

That's it.

That was the post.

Let's talk about it.

Infusion, caps..

aka weapon sunsetting, at least in this first paragraph.

I am still a supporter of the system.

But, as we spoke about in my Beyond Light first impressions video, it was a massive shock to the system, as we had 2 years of stuff rotate out for a handful of guns, at least right at launch.

We definitely did not have enough stuff to make up for it, although I was not expecting Bungie to replace that much stuff in 1 expansion.

Of course, with the raid and season 12 weapons, that helped move things along, on top of the engram changes.

They did bring up a good point in the article and that's with regards to Warmind Cell mods.

Charged With, Light mods don't require hyper specific weapons in order to make them work, whereas Warmind Cell, mods, NEED, Seventh, Seraph and Ikelos weapons.

Regardless of how much longer they're going to be around.

Eventually they will be sunset.

Which means Bungie needs some form of a long term plan to keep Warmind Cell mods relevant.

Bungie says that Season 10, rewards, aka Seventh Seraph stuff, will be earnable through a more "prescriptive source." But, I think we need to know what the source is and how long they'll be earnable for before I feel like we have this situation under control.

Losing Warmind Cells would be devastating for the game, but I trust that Bungie realizes this and they're working on a plan., Felwinter's, Lie, Whisper and Outbreak.

Being added to the exotic kiosk is good news as Felwinter's is a beast in PvP and Whisper and Outbreak have significant PvE strength.

No word on Heir Apparent, just yet, but I am wondering what Bungie plans on doing about exotic catalysts.

I haven't spoken much about armor sunsetting.

On the other hand- and this is something Bungie is acknowledging as well.

Initially, PERSONALLY, I didn't really care that much, I would eventually grind new armor.

It's not a big deal to me.

But for others.

It is much more frustrating and I definitely have formed a much stronger viewpoint than I did a couple of months.


Your armor is essentially a stat stick., With, more and more options to change the way you look.

This is even more so the case and with transmog coming in Season 14.

You can look.

However, you want.

This removes a lot of the appeal of hunting for armor.

Unless you're going for a very specific looking set of armor.

Otherwise, your armor is just a bunch of stats and the mods are what really dictate your playstyle.

What Bungie is trying to do.

Here, at least in my mind, is essentually, justify the reason for armor sunsetting, because at the moment, after more conversations with the community, I'm with you, armor sunsetting does not really have a point right.


Armor is to be collected to be turned into ornaments for Transmog right, now., Set bonuses, maybe going into the future? I dunno.


The justification for armor sunsetting, right now does not exist and with transmog, will exist even less than non-existance until armor itself is more impactful on gameplay.

Moving to new and more weapons.

Bungie is focused on introducing more weapons into the game.

People want more weapons, they're gonna.

Try to get you more weapons., They're, hiring more people to get players more weapons., Great., No problems, there, I'm, glad they've, acknowledged a problem and they've said they're trying to fix it.


It'll take a while, which is something people are very tired of hearing at this point, but it's something.

Perks introduced this season, great.

Keep them coming.

I personally haven't seen this comment too much, but I.

Had this question asked to me: "do, you think old loot is better than no loot?" and I would say.

The answer is definitely yes.

I think it is better to have some random legendary Destiny 1 weapons return to the game to grind out than it is to have nothing at all, this being in response to Bungie bringing back old, favorites, Palindrome, Swarm and Shadow Price into the Nightfall loot tables, on top of adept versions.

PvE adept weapons just seemed like a given at some point and I did wonder why something like Trials got the adept weapon system, but it was never ported over to PvE.

On the topic of more loot.

The issue for me hasn't necessarily been,: "I need more guns to grind," I'm good on guns.

I got a vault full of them, and I don't touch half of them.

For, me, and I.

Imagine at least some others.

The issue is the method in which you grind said: weapons.

The, core playlists need some sort of a facelift.

They need renovation.

They need innovation, evolution, insert whatever thersaurus word.

You want.

I really want to see Bungie start to evolve this game over the next year or two.

It needs it., Adding more stuff is fine, but things have felt very samey for a while.


We're going to continue playing core playlists for content, for powerfuls, for seasonal activities.

They need to be bolstered.

Adding strikes is fine, even if they're old, ones.

But, adding stuff is not evolution.

It is just more stuff.

More stuff is fine up to a point, but eventually the shine wears off.

I wanna see more unique.

Crucible modes.

Where is RIFT, I wanna, see the strike.

Playlist get some new features or new ways to grind it.

I wanna see Gambit..., you know, do whatever Gambit should do, but I wanna see some changes.


Finally, some info bombs, transmog, is in season 14, nice to have a date.

We already know that it'll pull from collections, which is exactly what needed to happen, great.

Looking forward to it.

DDOS protection for console, players, great, more safety, there, can't be mad at that., Vault of Glass is coming.

We knew that already.

No timeframe was given, but my guess would be Season, 14 or 15, I feel like.

If it was Season 13, they would have said here.

No, I do not think there will be a world first for this, people know how Vault of Glass works.


I do not anticipate Bungie to make major mechanical changes to Vault of Glass at all.


Don't think that's what people really want.

While I would love it.

If that were the case, I, just don't think they plan on really doing a whole.


It is a ton of work to make a raid and if they were completely changing how VoG works, I feel like they'd just put that effort into a new raid.

Add, some champions, sure, maybe different enemies spawn, but the core mechanics are probably going to stay.

The same.

Crossplay coming in 2021 is a pretty huge.

We knew that Bungie wanted it to happen next year, but to come out and declare that it will is a big deal., How it'll work and what groups can play together, obviously no intel on that just yet, but this is great stuff.

Old D1 strikes coming back, again.

We knew that was happening, but it's still cool.

Finally, Moon lost sectors getting put into the rotation is cool.

The Moon is accessible to everyone, regardless of whether or not you own Shadowkeep.

Although there is a conversation going on there as well, which I will completely derail this conversation, with.

I've seen some feedback about Shadowkeep and Forsaken, and their value proposition.

Since loot was sunset from those expansions.

The value in purchasing them is now for:.

The campaign, access to the exotics, access to the raids and access to Pit of Heresy.

Pit of Heresy doesn't give relevant loot, but the drop at the end is a great way to farm for materials.

For non-raiders, for the more casual players, I'd say these expansions at full price is a very tough sell.

Even for raiders, I can see them being a tough sell.

Right now, Steam is having a sale where you can get Forsaken, Shadowkeep, Beyond, Light and Season 12 for 52 bucks, aka.

If you're a new player, you get the expansions for free.

Call me a sellout, I think that's a solid deal.

Outside of this deal.

Though, I can see it being a tough sell.

The feeling of not leveling up whatsoever.

While playing can be a bummer.

It just feels bad to play the expansion campaigns, maybe some of the other stuff and walk away with basically nothing besides exotics.

As you move into Beyond Light.

If you're, paying 8 bucks per expansion though.

Maybe you started with BL and you wanna just experience the other stuff.

There are things in the Eververse store that cost more.


It's full price, wait for a sale.


All I got on the Bungie Rewards Update post thing.

Thanks for watching and I'll see you next time.


Why can't I claim my Bungie rewards? ›

Eligibility. To be eligible to claim any rewards unlocked through gameplay, players will need to meet the following requirements: Have their Destiny 2 account linked with their Bungie.net profile, which requires at least one character reaching the Tower. Have a validated email linked to their Bungie.net profile.

How do I claim unclaimed rewards in Destiny 2? ›

Extension is called Destiny 2 Season Pass Pass. Then go to Bungie.net, log in, and then click the extension in your toolbar. It'll have a drop down menu where you pick any season you want then click the link in the extension to take you to the page to claim rewards.

What are Bungie rewards? ›

Your Accomplishments, Your Rewards

From in-game digital items to sweet gear and personalized apparel, earn exclusive rewards that set you apart, both in the game and in the real world. SHOP BUNGIE STORECLAIM DIGITAL REWARDS.

Why are my destiny 2 rewards not showing up? ›

Verify and log into your Prime Gaming account. Find the game you would like to claim rewards for and select Get in-game content. Verify you are logged into the correct Amazon account and correct Battle.net account. Make sure you Claim your Loot on the Prime Gaming website before the promotion expires.

How do I claim my Bungie 30th anniversary pack rewards? ›

You will have to purchase the additional Shadowkeep, Beyond Light and Witch Queen expansions separately. You'll need to purchase the upcoming Lightfall expansion as well, if that's on your radar for gameplay. Log in to the game and you will be able to claim the 30th Anniversary Pack.

Does Bungie refund? ›

Physical items which feature an exclusive digital in-game emblem as a gift with purchase are non-refundable. Products that are non-refundable due to it's exclusive in-game emblem will state “Please Note: Digital items and physical items bundled with them are non-refundable.”

How do you get redeemed items in Destiny 2? ›

In-game items redeemed for Destiny 2 may be delivered to the Postmaster, unlocked in an Item Collection located in the Vault, or are acquired from a Vendor. Some items may not be available immediately and may require some game progression in Destiny 2 to unlock.

Where do I claim redeemed items in Destiny 2? ›

To collect the emblem, simply open up Destiny 2 (or restart it if you had the game open when you redeemed the code) and open up your Collections tab in-game, then click on the Flair section. All of your redeemed code emblems will be found in the General section of Flair under Collections, as seen pictured above.

How do I get a refund on Destiny 2? ›

How to refund an Epic Games Store purchase
  1. Go to your Account page, and click Transactions.
  2. Find the order you would like to refund in your Purchase History.
  3. Click the game title to expand the order. ...
  4. Tick the checkbox before the title you would like to refund, then click the Request Refund button.

Does Bungie still get money from Halo? ›

Nope. Although Bungie created the Halo franchise and made the first handful of games, rights to the franchise still belong to Microsoft.

Are Bungie rewards retired? ›

All Bungie Rewards discount codes have been invalidated as of July 20, 2021.

What did Bungie remove from Destiny 2? ›

Did Destiny 2 delete Forsaken? Upon the release of The Witch Queen expansion in February 2022, Forsaken's campaign and the Tangled Shore destination were removed from the game. Ahead of its removal, Forsaken's campaign was made free-to-play in December 2021.

Why am i not getting my silver Destiny 2? ›

Troubleshooting Silver Issues

Wait Up to 30 Seconds: Allow for up to 30 seconds to pass to see if the Silver amount is added to the account. Re-launch Destiny: If the Silver is not added to the account after the time has passed, log out of Destiny and then log back into any Character.

How long does it take for Bungie Rewards to ship? ›

Standard shipping typically takes 3-5 business days for transit.

What is in XUR's treasure hoard? ›

Xur's Treasure Room loot pool and chests

The loot pool includes: Pardon Our Dust, a Kinetic lightweight frame special Grenade Launcher. Wastelander M5, a Kinetic lightweight frame special Shotgun. BxR-55 Battler, a Solar Legacy PR-55 Frame primary Pulse Rifle.

How do I claim Gjallarhorn? ›

You will encounter three Reaver Vandal enemies who drop an engram when defeated – the engram grants you the 'Burdened by Riches' debuff. Find and open the nearby chest before the buff runs out, or you'll perish. After opening the three chests and completing the dungeon, you'll be granted the Gjallarhorn catalyst.

How to get Destiny 2 witch queen for free? ›

For Xbox, players with XBL Gold or Game Pass subscriptions can visit The Witch Queen page on their platform's store to claim access. For PlayStation, Steam, Epic Games, and MS Store players, all you have to do is log in to the game, and The Witch Queen will be available.

Can Bungie restore a deleted character? ›

Whether due to accidental deletion or unauthorized account access, Bungie does not recover manually deleted characters or items, and does not replace in-game items that are lost or dismantled. Bungie does not provide the following services: Restoration of deleted characters.

Is Bungie done with Destiny? ›

Bungie terminated its publishing deal with Activision in 2019, after eight years; as per their agreement, Bungie retained all rights to Destiny and will self-publish future installments and expansions.

Did Bungie lose rights to Halo? ›

While Bungie was a part of Microsoft back in the 2000s, after it split, Halo became a part of Microsoft. That means that Microsoft still owns the rights and will continue to hold the rights of Halo.

What is the free code for the Lightfall? ›

Simply head over to Bungie's code redemption site and input the following code: XMY-G9M-6XH. This will unlock the Limitless Horizon emblem in Destiny 2. In order to get it, you'll have to log out if you're already in-game.

Does everyone get loot in Destiny 2? ›

After you kill a boss, you will receive loot only if your character is eligible. Your character is not eligible for loot if: You didn't actively participate in the encounter. For example, you were too far away or, in the case of dungeons or raids, you were outside of the instance.

Can you sell items on Destiny 2? ›

Destiny 2 has a multitude of opportunities for sellers. From Accounts, Items, to Carry and Boosting services. The game is huge and there are plenty of activities for players to complete, but not all players have the time and skill level to fully appreciate the game. This is where you come in!

What to do with a gift in return Destiny 2? ›

Since a "Gift in Return" can be picked up in exchange for handing a vendor their favorite cookies, Guardians who intend to farm these "gifts" must continuously bake items.

What is the Destiny 2 cheats lawsuit? ›

'Destiny 2' developer Bungie wins $6.7M in lawsuit against video game cheat-maker. Bellevue, Wash. -based video game developer Bungie won $6.7 million in a lawsuit against a company that sold cheat programs for its flagship title, Destiny 2.

Can I sell my Destiny account? ›

By selling Destiny 2 accounts to potential buyers, sellers can make their journey easier by having all of the provisions, ammo, and weapons that they need to get the job done. Plus, having a high-level account right from the get-go is certainly a tempting prospect for some.

Can I refund lightfall? ›

- If you are already charged for it, you can request a refund here: https://support.xbox.com/en-US/forms/request-a-... Hope this helps.

Does Microsoft still own Halo? ›

Halo is a military science fiction media franchise, originally created and developed by Bungie and currently managed and developed by 343 Industries, part of Microsoft's Xbox Game Studios. The series launched in 2001 with the first-person shooter video game Halo: Combat Evolved and its tie-in novel, The Fall of Reach.

Did 343 ruin Halo? ›

343 Industries has shepherded the Halo series for over ten years. Despite its great start with Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary, the studio has failed to return the franchise to its original glory. Everything shared here illustrates 343's mismanagement of Xbox's once-flagship franchise.

How much did Bungie sell Halo to 343 for? ›

Image Credits: Bungie

The news was announced by both companies Monday morning (with industry sleuth Jason Schreier reporting early) and the deal valued at $3.6 billion.

How many years are left for Destiny 2? ›

If reporting surrounding Bungie and the Destiny franchise is accurate, Destiny 2 will continue to be robustly supported into 2025.

How many years will Destiny 2 last? ›

Destiny 2 The Final Shape Won't Be the End, Devs Thinking About the Next 10 Years. While Bungie is set to release the Lightfall expansion in February 2023, the studio have also announced whats coming after it, which is The Final Shape expansion.

Will Destiny 2 last forever? ›

No, Lightfall is not the last Destiny 2 expansion. Bungie has at least one more DLC in the works that's planned to release sometime in 2024. The 2024 DLC, named Final Shape, was teased in August 2021.

Why did Bungie get rid of Cayde? ›

During an interview, Project lead Scott Taylor noted that Cayde-6 was ultimately chosen to be permanently retired because the character occupies a "really unique place" in the Destiny universe.

Why Destiny 2 failed? ›

Why did Destiny 2 fail to succeed Destiny 1? Basically because Bungie decided to throw the things that made D1 a wonderful game (at least, by the end of its lifetime), by being unable to develop a well-written plot for the game, and by enforcing practices that didn't sit well with the community.

Why did Activision leave Destiny 2? ›

Activision split with Bungie because Destiny “was not meeting financial expectations” Activision has explained why it decided to part ways with Destiny developer Bungie and relinquish the publishing rights for the series.

How to get to 1810 Destiny 2? ›

The only means of increasing your Power level past 1,810 is by leveling your Seasonal Artifact. Artifact leveling occurs passively as you earn XP in Destiny 2.

What resets every season Destiny 2? ›

Guardian Ranks reset every season, but Bungie is aiming to make renewing them a quicker experience. On a cosmetic level, a new season will display your highest rank earned in the previous season to all players, and if you achieve a higher rank than you did last season, it will be your new displayed number.

How much is 1000 Silver in Destiny 2? ›

1000 Silver (+100) - $10. 2000 Silver (+300) - $20. 5000 Silver (+800) - $50.

How much money did i spend on Destiny 2? ›

Players can check the Silver balance of their Destiny 2 or Destiny 1 accounts in-game from the Eververse Trading Co. storefront or from their Character Inventory screen. Players can check their Destiny 2 Eververse Purchase History from their profile in the Destiny Companion on Bungie.net or the Mobile App.

What is the max Silver leaves Destiny 2? ›

As with all Destiny 2 resources, there is a limit to how much you can hold at any one time. Silver Leaves and Silver Ash are no different - the caps are as follows: Silver Leaves max cap: 100. Silver Ash max cap: 500.

Why won't Bungie let me claim rewards? ›

Reward Not Unlocking on Bungie.net Profile: Players should ensure they are signed into the Bungie.net profile linked to the Destiny 2 account that unlocked the reward. If this does not resolve the issue, players should try restarting Destiny 2 or logging back into the account that unlocked the reward.

How do I claim my 30th anniversary on Bungie? ›

You will have to purchase the additional Shadowkeep, Beyond Light and Witch Queen expansions separately. You'll need to purchase the upcoming Lightfall expansion as well, if that's on your radar for gameplay. Log in to the game and you will be able to claim the 30th Anniversary Pack.

How to get free Bungie Rewards? ›

Play. Earn. Reward. Create or Sign into a Bungie.net profile to start earning free digital rewards and unlock exclusive Bungie Store items for purchase.

How do I claim my Bungie reward code? ›

Frequently Asked Questions
  1. Checking the appropriate Item Collection, as well as the Postmaster and Inventory on all of their Characters.
  2. Signing into the Bungie.net profile, go to the Profile page, select Codes, then select Use Now next to each item.
  3. Restarting Destiny.

How long does it take for Bungie rewards to show up? ›

Usually takes anywhere from 5-7 business days. Bungie needs to manually go through and apply emblems to every account, and with so many bounties going on it takes a while.

How do I claim my Bungie Prime Rewards? ›

Go to the Prime Gaming website, sign in to your Amazon account and press the “Try Prime” button for a 30-day free trial if you don't have Amazon Prime already. Go to the Destiny 2 Prime Gaming website and connect your Bungie.net account by trying to claim your monthly drop.

Where do I claim redeemed shaders in Destiny 2? ›

Head to the redemption page on Bungie.com. Log in and input any code you wish to redeem. Redeem the code to receive your rewards. Once in game, your emblem and shader codes will appear in your Postmaster, accessed via the Tower, on Neptune, or in the H.E.L.M.'

How long does it take to get everything in Destiny 2? ›

If you're a gamer that strives to see all aspects of the game, you are likely to spend around 153 Hours to obtain 100% completion.

How do I claim past Prime Gaming loot? ›

Go to Prime Gaming. Select Games and Loot. Select the offer you wish to claim, and follow the offer's unique instructions.

How do I track my Bungie rewards order? ›

The only way to track on there official site is to be logged in with an Account on the Bungie Store. There should be a button for all your orders. Otherwise you should always get an email after your order.

How do I verify my email on Bungie rewards? ›

Returning Players
  1. Sign in to Bungie.net with a linked PlayStation Network, Xbox Live, Steam, Twitch, or Epic Games account.
  2. Visit the Account Settings page.
  3. Click on “Email and SMS”
  4. Enter the preferred email address to receive Bungie communications.
  5. Select the preferred communication options.
  6. Save changes to the Settings.

How long does it take to platinum Destiny 2? ›

Approximate amount of time to platinum: 60-80hrs. Minimum number of playthroughs: 3+ Number of missable trophies: None.

Who does Bungie ship with? ›

Edit: bungie uses the USPS flat rate shipping. A medium sized flat rate box costs $14.35 to ship.

How long does it take to receive silver Destiny 2? ›

It may take up to 30 seconds for a successful purchase to reflect on the account's in-game Silver balance. If a successful Silver purchase is not reflected on the in-game Silver balance after this time period, please see the suggested troubleshooting steps listed below.

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