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About BibleProject

We’re building a journey through the story of Scripture where you’ll learn how to read the Bible as you read the Bible.

You’re able to watch and listen to our entire library of videos and podcasts in one place, at any time.

Go beyond chapters and verses to experience sections of the Bible intended to be understood together.

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Key Benefits of BibleProject

- Makes it easier to access Bible Project's teaching

- Makes it easier to share with fellow believers and unbelieving friends

- Clears up connections and makes it easier to understand the Bible

- Free videos, blog posts, podcasts, and classroom to enhance understanding

- Teaches how to read the Bible in ways that can change your entire relationship with the Bible

- Focuses on understanding the history, culture, and literature styles to better understand the Bible

- Audio option to listen to Scripture

- Ability to invite others to study in groups together

1,662 BibleProject Reviews

4.9 out of 5

By Spiritfilled Epic release


I have been using Bible Project for years in all their formats and BibleProject just made it even easier to access all of their straight forward teaching. To use a food analogy they took all of their great WELL PREPARED food offered separately and put it all together at a buffet. It is going to make it so much easier to share with fellow believers and unbelieving friends that are willing to listen so they can learn and read the Bible as it was meant to be read. It makes so much more sense and eliminates a lot of the “why would they have written that” and the “that makes no sense at all”.
They honestly do make it the Bible easy to see the big picture and how it’s one big story that points to Jesus. I was supernaturally changed in my late 30s so I came to Jesus fresh unhindered by years of limited teaching so there were numerous parts of the Bible that never made sense and there were so many dots that I couldn’t connect to see the picture that had been given to us and these guys continue to clear those connections up and every time something doesn’t seem to fit I look to see how I can read it to better understand.

By Frank Mistretta

Amazing resource, practically a free seminary education in your pocket

this app has been an amazing resource for my walk with God. Their free videos, blog posts, podcasts, and classroom have taken my understanding of the Bible to a level that I never thought I would have. The this app app takes all of these resources and puts them into a program that will teach you how to read the Bible in ways that can change your entire relationship with the Bible. I will admit it is a bit confusing to figure out what you need to do to start, but once you start the “Journey” and figure out how to get going, it is pretty cool to see the biblical patterns in real time as you read the Bible. BibleProject works best used individually, but I’m sure some creative groups can use BibleProject for group studies. I’m excited to see how BibleProject grows in complexity as my understanding grows more, and this app adds more and more cool stuff. If you desire to grow in your understanding of the Bible, BibleProject is a must have!

By JenniferKY

A Must Have!

I discovered Tim and then the Bible Project around the start of the pandemic. The videos were so helpful to me as I was struggling with significant frustrations with the church. I love Jesus and I wanted to continue to learn and grow in my relationship with Him while unpacking strong emotions associated with the church. I am so grateful for BibleProject as it allows me to better understand the Bible. I also love how the focus is on understanding the history, culture, and literature styles to better understand the Bible. I have also learned that many people quote verses in their attempt to argue or condemn others yet they are taking the verse out of context and they do not fully understand the history associated with the verse, chapter, or book. If you legitimately want to learn and grow in your understanding and relationship with Jesus - and not get yanked around by the rhetoric in the media (especially social media) - BibleProject is a must have.

By Godly Person

Amazing and Cohesive! Would love to see an NRSV edition of scripture though

I have loved listening to the Bible Project podcast, watching their videos, and even doing their one year Bible reading plan over the past year of my life, but I never knew what I was missing until I finally had it all in once place! Not that navigating between apps and websites to view their content was a problem before, but I love that I can access everything at once, cohesively, and I also love that the podcasts have been sorted by topic. In addition to being a solid library of the resources the Bible Project has, BibleProject is also beautifully designed and easy to navigate. My only complaint is that there’s no NRSV edition of the Bible, which I truly hope to see added in the future. Thanks for this wonderful and free resource!

By CeltieLG

A New and Wonderful Way to Dive into Scripture

Very much enjoying learning from this new app! There’s a mind mapping type of aspect to the content which makes this such a fresh approach to studying Scripture. It’s richer than a typical linear way of reading and studying the Bible. The creativity and artistry in reaching learners of all types is outstanding. This is truly a fresh breath for such an important life-long immersion into better knowing God as our Father, Son and Holy Spirit and for drawing nearer to Him. I can’t even describe how very well done BibleProject is, plus how much I appreciate The Bible Project and all the team has put into it. Thank you and God bless you! Keep on wowing us as you do so well. I’ve been such a fan of the videos especially and BibleProject takes those and multiplies the creativity and impact to an nth degree. So wonderful!

By even stevens <3

Amazing for people with ADHD

I’ve been a Christian my entire life, but even as I’ve grown into adulthood, it’s always been a motivational struggle to open up the Bible and read. Just being honest here—where are my ADHD-ers at?! BibleProject changes everything. It doesn’t change or add anything to the scriptures. It brings them to life! The quizzes and links are a great way to make the Bible reading experience interactive and engaging. It really is like Duolingo for the Bible. One of my favorite parts about it is that it doesn’t feel competitive or achievement-focused. I cannot recommend this enough. I’m going to tell everyone I know about BibleProject. PLEASE keep going with this project. God is using you guys to bring His people closer to Him. My REAL rating is 10 stars <3

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By bGuiles

Yay!! But please add ESV and dark mode

With delight and excitement, I just downloaded and started using BibleProject tonight so I don’t yet feel qualified to write an adequate review of what I am imagining is an amazing app. But I do want to say I was very disappointed to find that the ESV translation is not offered in the Bible section. If there’s any way you can obtain the rights to add it, please do. From what I understand, it is one of the two types of translation you identify yet achieves an excellent balance between the two while also retaining a very masterly literary flow to the text. I pray he will add it as I hope to camp in your app instead of even though YouVersion app but I so prefer and daily memorize ESV translation scriptures so I am very disappointed your app is lacking the ESV.

Oh and dark mode too. Please. Keeping fingers crossed for both additions.

Thank you!

By Godisgreat✝️💕

LOVE IT♥️just a few little things

I absolutely LOVE BibleProject !!! I have been looking forward to it and I just finished my first study on it. It was really nice! Also, before I get into a few things, the timing for BibleProject release was nice: I go back to school in 2 days. I think it would be nice to have some soothing music when you open BibleProject , but not when you're watching a video or reading the Bible. I think it would also be really nice to have a like linked dictionary to certain words, although it is beneficial for us to do some research on our own. I love how everything has a nice clean look and how it's set up though. Thank you!! I can tell you worked really hard on it and I appreciate it😊!

By DrewGarza09

This is a skill based learning and growth experience!

I’ve been a huge fan of the Bible project videos, podcasts, and teachings for the past few years. Though out this journey I thought Tim and Jon gave us so many great resources within their creativity and skills. However, the Bible project app really took everything and compiled it into a very interesting structure. It is a skill based learning and growth experience! I started BibleProject this morning and have actually wanted to continue it (not feeling tired,lost,or bored). BibleProject is very helpful and useful to teach listeners to be good readers. I am appreciative for such a well thought through app that is extremely intentional with its purpose!

By ylove412016


The Bible Project has impacted many for years! They’re so scholarly and amazing at looking at the context of the Bible for whatever passage it may be, and context determines meaning. Most translations you read, be it The Message, NLT, NIV, KJV, NKJV, etc—as long as it’s faithfully translated and interpreted from the Greek as best it could be (I’ve taken Biblical Greek classes myself), or you’re background or experience, the Bible Project has made it simple yet impactful for people to experience the Bible in a powerful way. I love that they were finally able to make this happen! Can’t wait to start reading my Bible in this way and engage in increasing my passion and knowledge of the Bible—ultimately, further deepening my relationship with God.

By karenin's smile

Incredible resource.

Incredible app - gorgeous, intuitive, informative, perfectly organized. It is so well designed and I love that the quizzes are included as well to help crystallize and summarize your learning at the end of lessons. The importance of this labor is staggering. We are so blessed to have the this app. I am thankful to have the church in this form - may God multiply the fruit of this effort. So so grateful! Edit: also pleased to note it’s not simply a compilation or rehashing of previously shared content (which I and many are familiar with by now), but full of wonderful new & original content! The perfect gift to start the new year. 🥺

By MEisintn

So excited for this!

The Bible Project has been my favorite resource for Bible study, as well as one of my favorite podcasts for some time now. I love the thoughtful, creative, intelligent way the Bible Project resources help me to see a unified story while also helping me to deepen my understanding of scripture. I’m so excited for BibleProject because it takes all that content and makes it more accessible. The layout and design are beautiful! Also love that I can read the Bible right in my app if I don’t have my physical Bible nearby. Thank you so much for the awesome content and this exciting new app!

By breed1281

Best Bible Study App Available

BibleProject is amazing. The this app has done a great job of cultivating a format that allows the user to “marinate” in Scripture instead of “microwave” devotional bites. The knowledge checks offer a way to monitor learning without seeming like you’re checking off boxes. The links feature paired with the videos and podcasts allow for a deeper understanding of biblical themes. In the future, I would like to see an audio option to listen to Scripture and the ability to invite others study in groups together. These options would enhance the learning experience while offering accountability and community.

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By jahart_

A Long Time Coming

I first encountered the this app on the Bible app through their earliest videos. To remember those (and how impactful they were) and then see what BibleProject is today is nothing short of beautiful.

I am baffled to see the transition of the content from semi-unconnected videos (except they all belong to the Bible) to an app that helps you work through links and themes in the Bible by putting the videos, podcasts, and blogs in the text for you.

I am thrilled to jump into BibleProject. I can’t wait for all that will follow. Thank you Jon, Tim, and the entire BP team!

By Pep98


❤️❤️❤️ Loved the Bible Project for years now, and BibleProject is absolutely beautiful. The Biblical studies and video summaries & breakdowns of the books are very well organized into different sections. There a quizzes, studies meant to sharpen your Bible reading skills, the UX design is gorgeous. The entire app lives up to the beauty that God has allowed the Bible Project to be over the years. No quantifiable amount of rewards in this world could accurately describe the impact you guys are having for walking in your calling. The eternal rewards await you in Heaven. Thank you for doing the work of our Lord Jesus Christ.

By oldpeopleg

10 stars

I am so grateful to have the Bible Project as a resource and it has meant the world to upgrading my Bible study. I am, for the first time, finding myself understanding what the message of the Bible is in a new light that has allowed me to grow so much. BibleProject has been so wonderful and I now start every morning working through studies or just reading the Bible using their videos as guides. Seriously great work guys, I hope you understand how much of a blessing you’ve been to me and many others! I wish I could give more than 5 stars

By Bellona Smith


I never write reviews but I had to for BibleProject. Not only did it make me happy that all features were of amazing quality and detail to help me actually study the Bible in detail, but it is all free too. Many Bible study apps limit your ability to learn and stay inspired because they ask you to pay for certain features. But here you have EVERYTHING you need plus little quizzes to make sure you actually learned something. Everything is organized and kept short. Absolutely love it!

By Austin Randalll

Praise Yahweh

I’m very thankful for the work you all have put in on BibleProject, this year I overdosed on fentanyl and was found dead, I was later revived at the hospital and put in a comatose state to see if I was going to wake up. They tried for 2 days to see if I could breathe on my own to no luck. On the 3rd day I came out of the coma completely fine, now even better than ever that the lord has taken my addictions away and continues to add to my life. I am so thankful for y’all ,and great full to have an almighty god that loves us

By jeannie appelhof


The Bible Project app is wonderful and I always enjoy learning through it. It’s very helpful the way they have shown the movements in the Bible and the way we can work through the journey, skill, patterns, style and structure sections of BibleProject . It’s fun to look for the repeated words in reading and collect charm or I forgot what they’re called, but I really like it. It helps me stay enthusiastic while I read and of course it helps me see the repeated words. I’m so thankful for BibleProject and I highly recommend it to everyone.

By hagaodgs


I’ve begun reading through genesis with BibleProject, and I have to say I’m already so blown away by what BibleProject is going to bring to my study. I feel so lucky to have this resource available to me and I am so grateful for the hard work that went into this. I am emotional writing this because within the first time using BibleProject, my understanding of the Old Testament has already been increased 10 fold as a newer follower of Jesus and even newer student of the Tanakh. Thank you so much!!!!

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By TheLineIsDad

Beautiful Way Learn and Grow in The Word

BibleProject is an incredible way to connect, hear, and grow in your understanding of The Word. Such great resources that link patterns, styles and structures throughout the Biblical narrative to learn and grow.

It is this generation’s connection to storytelling with the best tools and technology available to us, just as all the generations before us have had their own way of passing down the knowledge of our Creator, our Savior, and our own connection to the ongoing story.

By carlmaddox

See the Bible more like it was intended!!!

Not all of us are going to be taking theologian level classes or learning Hebrew and Greek, that once was a disadvantage to those that wanted to get a deeper understanding of the Bible. The question is how did the authors intend on us seeing and consume these masterful works. BibleProject is opening a door of understanding and perspective that can help us all, do that thing we are all called to do, share the story of Jesus. We believe that the Bible is a unified story that points to Jesus.

By Bondageclown

I’ve been waiting

I have been following the Bible project for so many years, listening to the podcast, teaching my kiddos and other teens through scripture with Bible project content for so many years. I became a monthly giver I think 2 years ago or so. Seems as though every cent is used for spectacular things. I have been waiting for them to come out with an app and am so excited to use it! Thank you Bible project.

By 7773468053

Exceptional app

I love BibleProject and your videos. The resources provided really help to understand the ancient literature presented. I have just one request, please add KJV. I’ve seen how certain verses are omitted in some other translations, and it may just be a dumb personal bias, but I really enjoy the KJV and hope you will add it soon. Keep up the great work brothers and sisters, thank you!

By chriscelliott

What they created in the past is any hint.

This is an unsolicited review...these people their work is amazing. Their past work has deeped my faith and understanding of the Bible but most importantly God’s caring word. I have a critical and sometimes cynical view of religion and how the Bible is used. For me their work strives to reflect the true blessing of the word without dogma. I look forward to what's next.

By Dusty88877777

Finally an App!

I’ve been following the Bible Project for years, and I’m so happy they took their time to release BibleProject , what a smart, well thought out, new interactive way to study the Bible, incorporating all the things I love like the podcast and new things like skills to. I’m looking forward to incorporating this into BibleProject into my daily routine!

By Mama serg

The Bible Equivalent to the IPhone

BibleProject is a complete game changer to Biblical literacy and reading. As a Teacher of Scripture, I have struggled to find ways to communicate and teach what is now contained in this one app! Bible Project-you have done it again! Making the Bible accessible and understandable to those of us who are non-scholars. Thank you and May the Lord bless you and keep you!

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By Instagram#best camera ever

Best way to learning how to read your Bible more in depth!

I have always loved the this app. They have always explained things so clearly and I love their styles of teaching. Now they have an app that walks you through reading your Bible in movements and links. It really helps me understand how to read my Bible in how it was meant to be read!

By Baily blue


I am blown away already by the design of the entire app. What an incredible way to be led through the Bible in a much deeper way. I am no scholar so I am extremely thankful for the Bible Project and their approach of teaching that is always simple to understand. I can’t wait to continue to grow along side the teachings within BibleProject!

By will from columbia sc

My new Bible app. Incredible!

The this app continues to produce the best of accessible (but not dumbed down) teaching on the Bible out there… and what more could I want for Christmas than this incredible app! I just deleted my other Bible apps because this one has everything I could want. Excited to dive into all the videos and resources in 2022!

By Robert Lackie

So Excited!

I heard a few announcements about this before it was launched and was very excited. I loaded it today and it is phenomenal! So much great content, and easy to navigate around! Thank you, Tim and John and your terrific team! May God bless and use BibleProject to equip His people! Robert L.

By Customer Truth

Amazing, what a gift for all !

Thank you for this amazing resource, this has given our entire family a great opportunity to further our learning of the scriptures.

Thank you so much Team,

By JonGl

Superb, and long awaited

I can’t wait to dig into this year’s reading.

Only one thing more to make it perfect would be to have it available on MacOS too. Then I could read on all my devices. :-)

By Tre Brickley

An Amazing New Experience

I’ve been following The Bible Project for years and have always loved their content. In 2021 I followed their “One Year That Leads To Jesus” reading plan and loved it. The reading plan on BibleProject is an amazing upgrade; I’m getting a headstart 🤓

Is BibleProject Safe?

Yes. BibleProject is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 1,662 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.9/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for BibleProject Is 90.9/100.

Is BibleProject Legit?

Yes. BibleProject is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 1,662 BibleProject User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for BibleProject Is 100/100..

Is BibleProject not working?

BibleProject works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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