8 Must-Try Project Zomboid Mods — Set Ready Game (2023)

In Project Zomboid you are faced with one simple task, survive as long as you can. With a large array of different items, locations and mechanics, Project Zomboid offers a deep RPG survival experience. That being said, Project Zomboid is still in development. The game has been in early access on Steam for many years, (and still existed before that), so there are still features being added often. Thankfully, the developers also allow modders to create their own mods for the game. The developers are happy to see the community working on their own ideas and even features mods every now and then in their development blogs.

Today, I’m going to list 8 of the best mods I can find to spice up your next play-through in Project Zomboid. These mods will mainly focus on gameplay changes and mechanics. All of the mods on this list will be available on the Steam workshop. I will include links to each mod. I will try my best to keep maps in particular out of this article but if you are interested in trying new maps in the game you can check out this post on the 5 most popular map mods in Project Zomboid. Without further ado, let’s check out my top 8 must-try mods.

Mod 1. Hydrocraft

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Come on we all saw this coming. If you’ve played Project Zomboid for a while chances are you’ve already heard of Hydrocraft. Hydrocraft is basically the largest mod for Project Zomboid in terms of content. The mod adds an insane amount of items. The mod doesn’t just add a bunch of new items, but as the name suggest, a TON of new crafting recipes as well.

The only downside to Hydrocraft at the moment is that the mod is made for the stable version of the game. That means those playing the Build 41 beta will have to roll back to the stable build in order to experience a ‘smooth’ game.

Personally I would say if you haven’t played too much Project Zomboid just to stick with the vanilla game for a while. Hydrocraft adds a lot, (I mean a lot) of new items.

Mod 2. Silencer/Suppressor Mod

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The next mod is going to be one for the stealth builds out there. If you’ve ever used a gun in Project Zomboid you can probably understand how important this mod can be. Most players will tell you to almost never use a weapon as even though you can take down zombies safer and efficiently, chances are you will alert a lot more to your position.

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nolanritchie’s suppressor mod aims to change that. With the ability to find and install silences to base weapons of the game, you will make shooting a lot more viable. As the description of the mod explains, there is a drawback to using a silencer on a weapon. Firstly, you will need a screwdriver in order to install and uninstall weapons attachments. This is nothing new as in the vanilla game, the same is required.

One real drawback is that having a suppressor attached to your weapon will make it less accurate. It will also negatively change the effective range of the weapon. That being said, this can be a huge plus to your game if you feel you haven’t really had a chance to try the weapons out because of the noise factor.

Mod 3. ORGM

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Originally created by a modder named ORMtnMan, ORGM “adds a plethora of guns, ammo, mods and mechanics” to Project Zomboid. This is another mod which won’t be available to use on the Build 41 beta version yet. This version of the mod is still in active development. ORGM has changed hands a total of three times now since modder Fenris Wolf took the project over from ORMtnMan.

This will add a bunch of new guns into your game. This one is really great for weapon enthusiasts. Also, players that really want to focus on a guns play-through but found the base game lacking in content. ORGM will add a huge load of new guns (and ammo) to the game.

Mod 4. eris_minimap

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eris_minimap adds a nice little quality of life feature to the game. A lot of players like to have a minimap to help them navigate the world in a game. Project Zomboid being a hardcore survival game comes off the shelf without a minimap feature.

That being said, it can be easy to get lost in Knox County if you aren’t great at remembering large structure or features. The minimap mod also works with the current beta version of the game (Build 41). The mod also supports multiplayer play. If you are playing on a shared screen you will both share one minimap. If you are playing the game with online multiplayer you will be able to see other players if they are friendly to your faction.

Honestly there isn’t too much more to get into about this one. It is a minimap and it works great in the game. It doesn’t really unbalance the game, just a nice little feature to help you get around and find others.

Mod 5. Superb Survivors!

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One of the most requested features of Project Zomboid is the inclusion of NPCs. That is, NPC’s that aren’t trying to eat the player. I’ve talked about Superb Survivors in an earlier post, but decided it deserves its own spot in this list. Superb Survivors! is a updated version of Super Survivors! and changes some of the way NPCs behave from that version. This version of the mod is also compatible with the Build 41 version of the game.

having personally played the mod, I can say it works really well. There are other survivors roaming out in the game including groups (with guards) that will try to defend their area if attacked. Most neutral NPCs can be recruited and tasked with jobs such as cut down trees and cook meals. That being said they aren’t all friendly… The mod includes raider groups that might just hold you up at gunpoint if you come too close.

Mod 6. Display Zombie Health

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Display Zombie Health is another mod with a fairly straightforward title. As you’d imagine the mod adds a health bar above each of your undead enemies in-game. This will give you a better idea on who to target to thin the herd. The mod doesn’t really change the way the game works in any way. It will just give you more of an idea on how many hits each zombie will take to be defeated.

One of the reasons I like it a lot is that it gives you a good idea on how your weapons skills are developing. When you gain an extra level in short blunt and see 1 extra HP being removed per hit it is a little satisfying. The mod has also been updated for Build 41 so you can keep playing see health and damages while you exercise!

Mod 7. Filibuster Rhymes’ Used Cars!

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Filibuster Rhymes’ Used Cars! adds a bunch of new vehicles to the base game of Project Zomboid. If you’re a big fan of the vehicle mechanics in the game like I am you’ll appreciate the diversity of vehicles. This mod doesn’t just add a variety of regular used cars but also adds specialty vehicles like moving trucks and farm vehicles.

Another great thing about the mod is that there is a version for the .40 version of the game and also Build 41. You don’t have to change your game version to play the mod, just download the mod that is compatible with your version. The added vehicles really make me want to go out and explore and find my new favorite. There is even a working fuel truck available in the mod.

Mod 8. Scrap Weapons!

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The last but certainly not least mod on this list is Scrap Weapons! One of the more creative mods, Scrap Weapons! allows the survivor to craft many new weapons to use. Most of these weapons are made out of random other weapons or scrap you wouldn’t usually use.

In this mod, you will have to craft a scrap workbench first, then you are able to make the weapons shown in the mod. There are a bunch of new weapons added, most of which created from weapons already existing in the game. Check out scrap weapons and give your arsenal a boost!

That’s the end of our list of 8 mods to try in Project Zomboid. Do you have a favorite mod that you think deserved a spot on the list? Leave a comment below.


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