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 Top line should remain level with strong loin and level croup. They are a galloping dog therefore flanks should rise up from a brisket set just below the elbows, but should not be excessively deep. Ribs should be well sprung but not barreled. Overall they should appear square, balanced, athletic with good muscling. MOVEMENT When trotting should be purposeful, strong and elastic with good reach and drive, giving the appearance of "going somewhere". When relaxed, happy or at play they will prance and skim the ground lightly.

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Goldendoodles of whatever generation are usually friends of everyone and strangers to no one, which makes them an ideal choice as a family dog.

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  • goldendoodles for sale in md
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    I don’t know if it was his illness cancer?that caused this or if the steroids could have done something.

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    Regardless, at the very least, a pup may grow into a dog that sheds a little, which is still a big difference from the full breed Golden Retriever, which are known to be big shedders.

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    TGR maintains an extensive database of Goldendoodle pedigrees in order to preserve and document breed records for the future.

    goldendoodles for sale in md